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Nutribiotic Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE)

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Great Product


This is a great product to have on hand for disinfecting and killing viruses and unwanted bacterial. We keep a bottle in the kitchen as well as one in each bathroom. We add it to our dish rinse water or put it in the dish washer as a rinse aid (just use a few drops mixed with your regular product). We use it on our dish sponges to wipe the counters as well as in our buckets of water when we wash the floors. A few drops added to your very dirty laundry will kill any bacteria. Although its taste is very unpleasant, it will work wonders for you if you use it as a toothpaste--it'll keep all the bad bacteria in your mouth at bay. We've also used it to disinfect water when camping. When illness strikes, we mix it and use it as a nasal spray. It can be used, diluted, as you would use any antibiotic ointment or spray. As a nutritional supplement we've found that we all have better digestion when it's incorporated into our diets. We use it very, very diluted in drinks with a lot of flavor or we put a drop in gel caps and ingest it that way. Every household should have at least one bottle of this product in their medicine chests!




I use this for SO much !


I just haven't been brave enough to use it as a sinus rinse yet (dunno how mild it is for that). However, I have used it with great success on insect bites (spider and mosquito). It gave me such relief for both. It's awesome as an astringent, and I love adding it to my shampoo as well for my scalp.


Boca Raton, FL


gse is great for yeast in cloth diapers!


we cloth diaper our youngest son and recently he had a very nasty yeast infection.  we had to use disposibles while the infection cleared up.  we used gse in his cloth wipes to help make the yeast infection go away.  we were also worried about the yeast staying in his cloth diapers so i discovered that i could use the gse in the washing machine to get the diapers clean.  the method called for using gse, tea tree oil and bio-kleen powder.  it took a couple of washes but we were able to get the diapers completed clean and yeast-free! we have also used the gse when my partner got a yeast infection while nursing.  she was able to dilute it and use it as a spray to disinfect after nursing and before putting on the breast pads.  again, the gse worked wonders and was able to clear that up without having to resort to any prescription medication.  i recommend that anyone keep this in the house for these and other situations.


Stone Mountain, GA


Kills Infections


Nutribiotic Grapefruit Seed Extract- Pill Form:  My nutritionist gives me this to kill infections (if I would just listen to her).  I have been off and on taking it.  Usually, I start feeling better and then stop taking it then I get sick and start taking it again LOL.  I would highly recommend.  It does work if you take them on a regular basis.  I take the pill form.  I have never tried the liquid.




NutriBiotic GSE has at least a thousand uses.


I first began using NutriBiotic Grapefruit Seed Extract in the early 1990's, not long after it first came on the market.  I used to put it in my morning tea to settle my always-fussy stomach, and sometimes drank a few drops of this bitter-tasting extract in water at other times if I wasn't sure what I'd just eaten was going to cause me trouble.  Citrus seed extract kills bacteria, so it can ward off some types of food poisoning if taken early.  After a few months of taking it every morning, I noticed that I wasn't bruising as easiliy.  Oh yeah, I remembered that citrus seeds also contain bioflavonoids, which help strengthen blood vessel walls!  Then I began using it as a mouth rinse to help control my gingivitis, but found that it discolored my teeth, so I stopped.  Meanwhile, I found it to eradicate toenail fungus, and I didn't care that it turned the toenail yellow, the color faded over time.  Then I saw GSE as an ingredient in dandruff shampoo, and added a few drops to my regular shampoo, and it worked great.  I just got a new 2 oz bottle of Nutribiotic GSE, and will probably keep using it as long as they keep making it.


Penn Yan, NY


Nutribiotic Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE)

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