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Serta Contour Changing Pad with Comfort Shield

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Very nice changing pad.


I love this changing pad. It is very soft, yet supportive. It has a great belt and awesome high, scooped sides for safety. It was even the same price as the store brand changing pad that I was considering, why buy store brand when you can have name brand for the same price?! Sadly, this pad does not fit on my changing station, so I have to use the top of my childs dresser as a changing station.



My baby would sleep on her Serta Changing Pad if I let her!


Our changing table came with the very basic, thin, flat, cheap changing pad that most furniture comes with, but we knew we wanted something better for our baby. After all, babies spend a lot of time on their changing table in the first years! You want them to be comfortable. My sister recommended the **Serta Perfect Sleeper Contour Changing Pad with Comfort Shield **because it's what she has used for her babies for years. This Changing Pad fits perfectly on my changing table and provides much more comfort that the thin little thing that came with the changing table. It is designed to be thick, and comfy like a mattress, so my baby often starts to fall asleep right on the changing table. Of course, I don't let her sleep there because she could roll off, but she's ready to snooze if I would let her. The changing pad goes up on both sides and around the head so my baby is kept more centered on the pad. This is good to help keep baby from rolling off, but you still should never leave baby alone on the changing table. The pad also has a belt attachment if you want to keep your baby safely strapped in, but we do not use this. Our changing table has it's own belt attachment, but so far we've found the belt unnecessary since we never walk away from the baby. The Serta pad has tabs and instructions for you to screw the pad down to your changing table. We did not need to do this since our changing table goes up on all sides and there is no way the pad could slide off. However if you are using a flat changing table, it would be a good idea to screw the pad down so you don't have to worry about a fussy baby sliding all around. The Serta Changing Pad is covered in a vinyl, easy to clean material which prevents anything from soaking in to the pad. Whenever there is any accidents, the pad can easily be wiped clean with one of our baby's wipes! It couldn't get any easier. Overall I think the Serta Changing Pad is worth the investment. Your baby will definitely get use out of it and they will be more comfortable then being on the cheap, thin pads that come with your furniture. Look for it at Babies R Us!

Metro Detroit, MI


Serta Contour Changing Pad with Comfort Shield

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