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Crib Bumper
Breathable Baby Bumper

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Rest easy knowing baby is safe and comfortable


Ever since she was a newborn, our baby would push herself against the sides of the crib and into the hard bars. I desperately wanted to put up a bumper pad in order to provide some cushion for her head and body but was warned about the dangers of bumper pads and decided against it. Then a friend told me about the breathable baby bumper. All I can say is, "What an ingenious invention!" The breathable baby bumper is a cushiony bumper pad with tiny holes in it that snugly velcros around the crib's bars. The cushion is definitely not as plush as a traditional bumper pad, but it's enough to provide cushion against the hard bars. Plus, the holes allow me to feel assured that my baby will still be able to breathe if she pushes her face into the bumper pad. I also appreciate the fact that the breathable baby bumper is easy to install and machine washable. Now that I know about this product, I plan to recommend it to all new parents.


Dublin, OH


Breathable Baby Bumper is SAFE


We, like many first-time parents, took all the advice given to us by nurses and doctors in the free classes offered at a local hospital on baby safety. It was pretty clear: no bumpers. Theyh strongly, STRONGLY suggested not using bumpers. So we didn't buy bumpers. For the first couple of months, there was no problem, our baby was really small, couldn't move around a lot. But then he started wiggling around the crib in his sleep and we started finding him in the morning with an arm or a leg stuck between the slats. Ah ha! THAT'S why people use bumpers. What to do? What to do? I remembered seeing these breathable bumpers at BRU when I was registering, so I thought we'd give them a try, and I'm so glad we did. We haven't once found our baby with a limb sticking out between the slats, and we have found him up against the bumpers, but breathing just fine. Some nights I actually put him in the crib against the bumper to keep him from rolling over and waking himself up!


Louisville, KY


Incredible item


I ordered a baby crib from Mazel Tov Furniture a couple of weeks ago. I found very good service and reasonable pricing. I got it on time and am pleased to find my item in good condition. Overall I'd most certainly recommend it.


Brooklyn, NY


Breathable Bumpers are definitely a good buy


We never used a regular bumper because I've heard they're dangerous, but when my daughter started getting her legs stuck in between the crib bars I decided to get a breathable baby bumper. It was worth the money. No more waking up in the middle of the night by a crying baby whose leg is stuck. I can sleep peacefully now. She still does get her leg stuck occassionally, but not nearly as much as w/o a bumper


Paulsboro, NJ


i sleep more comfortably know he is safe


We've been using this for several months now and have had no problems, even though our baby is very "active." Before we bought this bumper, we had a cute plush one, but baby would sleep with his face right up against the bumper and I worried about the SIDS risk of re-breathing air.  I think I first read about the concept of mesh bumpers in Consumer Reports and were intrigued enough to buy it and have been happy ever since.  The mesh allows air movement, but keeps his limbs inside the crib.  These are also easier because you don't have to untie them everytime you want to change the sheets on the crib.  You don't have to move them at all.  It was such a process to change the sheets with the old tie bumpers The only reason I don't like this more is that it leaves 2 gaps because the pieces don't come together completely. This makes it easier to drop one side of a drop-side crib but is pointless if you don't have this feature and looks funny.


Middletown, NY


This bumper is the best option


As you may have read, bumpers should not be used in the crib in order to protect the baby from SIDS. Unfortunately, that means that the beautiful bumper we received with our bedding set could not be used in the crib. We opted for this breathable bumper instead and it has been a perfect alternative! I admit, it was a bit challenging to figure out how to put in on the crib and the directions weren't helpful but once we figured it out, it looked good and felt secure. It's great knowing that when the baby rolls over to the side of the crib and has her face against this bumper, she is safe! I found that the green/sage color matched our bedding perfectly but if you are looking for a good color selection, they don't have much of a variety. This bumper is also better than a regular bumper for when the baby is old enough to stand as he/she cannot climb on it. I would highly recommend this product for every baby's crib.




Breathable crib bumper, we breath easier as baby sleeps safer


One morning we went into our baby's room to find she had moved her face dangerously close to the crib bumper. We wanted a bumper to keep her arms and legs in the crib and protect her head from bumping, but we were afraid she could suffocate if her face got into the bumper. We asked friends what they did and one of them mentioned this product, Breathable Baby breathable crib bumper. I can not believe I haden't heard about this before! This bumper is a breathable mesh, with a satin ribbon on the top and the bottom and secured with very strong velcro. The Breathable Baby bumper comes in two pieces.The short piece goes on the front, so you can still move the front up and down.   The Bumper itself is not as cushy as a traditional bumper, but there is a softness to it. There are no prints, but you can get a couple different colors and the satin trim is nice. The bumper is attractive, if somewhat plain. It could have been totally ugly and I still would have bought it as my only concern is my daughter's safety. I had no trouble putting The Breathable Baby breathable bumper in. The Velcro is really strong and holds secure. It might be easier with two people to get it in tighter and quicker, but even if it took me a little longer, it wasn't difficult. As a child grows, they may be able to reach their arms or legs over the top of the bumper and push it down a bit, but you can weave the bumper around a middle slat to make it more taut. One danger of a bumper besides suffocation, is the ability of a child to use it as leverage to climb out of a crib. The Breathable baby bumper is too soft for that making it a safer bumper. With the Breathable bumper, I feel my baby is so much safer and I rest easier at night. This product is a must for any new parents and I plan on spreading the word.   


cape cod, MA


This bumper gave me great peace of mind!


I first heard of the Breathable Baby Bumper from a yahoo groupI was a part of. I didn't know such a thing existed- you don't see them on the shelves at the store- bumpers always match the rest of the bedding and are thick and UNbreathable! I thought it was a funny idea until I actually needed one! My baby was wiggling right out of her swaddles and all over the crib as soon as we got home from the hospital. I immediately removed the regular bumper because I was afraid she'd smother herself on it. I thought that would solve the problem. But she started getting her arms and legs stuck through the slats in the crib! So, I got online and found myself a breathable bumper! I had no idea what to expect. I figured it would just be a "bumper-shaped" piece of mesh-like material- breathable, but kept arms and legs in the crib. I was pleasantly surprised to find it was thick and soft- enough so that baby has some cushion from the hard slats of the crib. And it sure is breathable! I smothered my face in it and still breathed like nothing was there! My biggest complaint is that it is not as easy to "install" as regular bumpers. It does not have ties, it has velcro. It comes in two parts- one for the drop-side, and a longer part for the other 3 sides of the crib. You have to weave it through the corners to keep it in place, then get it just right to velcro it in place. But that said, it's one of a kind, so worth the hassle!


Snellville, GA


Breathable Baby Bumper

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