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Tiny Love
Tiny Love Symphony In Motion Mobile with Remote

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mobile with remote


My son loves this mobile. I also like that it comes with a remote. you don't have to get out of bed to change to song or to cut it on. I also like the colors and the animals that they have used with this mobile. And the songs are good too. plus the music isn't that loud, so it doesn't bother me or my husband while we sleep at night.




My baby loves this mobile!


This mobile has been a lifesaver since day one! My daughter is now 4 and a half months old and still loves studying the mobile. The mobile may look funny to adults, but babies love it! The colors are perfect for baby's eye stimulation.  The music is also enjoyable.  The remote is fun to play with at first, but we rarely use it.  We have only had to change the batteries one time so far in four months and we use it several times a day.  I would definitely recommend this product.


Columbia, SC


Mama LOVES tiny love mobile


I immediately fell in love with this mobile and had to have it for our daughter. It really keeps her attention as it has lots of movement and bright colors. Also, another cool aspect is that the designers also included black and white swirl designs on the underside of some of the parts. This is great since black and white are some of the earliest colors babies can see and the bold swirl designs really attract the babies attention. The mobile is really easy to assemble and attach to the crib. I did attach it maybe a little too tightly and mildly scratch my daughter's crib, so I would caution against tightening it too much. The classical music selection are wonderful and are not obnoxious like some baby toy songs can be. The mobile also has multiple volume settings so you can set it as loud or soft as you and your baby are comfortable with. The design of this mobile is awesome with little parts that are constantly moving and stimulate the baby's brain in a different ways then other mobiles that do not have as many moving parts. We did not use this mobile to put our baby to sleep only to entertain her, but when I nannied a similar mobile was used to put the twins to sleep and it worked for them.


Greer, SC


My sone loves his Tiny Love mobile!


My mother in law purchased this mobile for my son who is now five months old. She bought it for her house, to attach to the changing table. Well, my son loved it so much that she bought one for his crib at our house as well! He can spend twenty minutes just looking up at the little animals going round and round and tries to grab them. His great grandmother will spin the characters and he will laugh and laugh. If he is getting fussy and he is not hungry or wet, I will put him in his crib and his face will light up as he waits for me to start the mobile. As a mother I love this because it catches his attention and it improves his following skills. I also like the bright and vibrant colors and the ability to talk to my baby about the different animals. I love the music options as well and the fact that it will play for twenty minutes straight! I will definitely be recommending this product to all of my other mommy friends!


Stanton, CA


Baby loved this, but we didn't use it for long


With my first baby, I was convinced that we needed a mobile to entertain the baby. I saw great reviews for the Tiny Love Symphony In Motion mobiles and decided to purchase one. My baby was fascinated by it, but I think maybe it was excessive and our baby probably could've done without a mobile of any kind. As far as mobiles go, this one was a fantastic mobile that we enjoyed - and the only reason I didn't give it five stars was because I don't think that it was a necessary purchase. Our baby ended up learning to stand early, and once baby stood up - the mobile had to come down because the baby was pulling on the little creatures and the mobile would come crashing down on baby. I saw some other cute Symphony in Motion mobile versions with different animals that I liked as well. If your baby needs/loves a mobile, this is a great one to purchase. But for other babies that aren't in a crib very much or not interested, I'd pass.


Salem, OR


Entertaining, colorful, and NOT annoying!


You wouldn't think that "not annoying" would be a good feature, but believe me -- it is! So many musical toys for children are downright irritating, so it was a relief to me that the Tiny Love mobile is actually really pleasant to listen to. It has 3 musical options (Bach, Beethoven, and Mozart); frankly, I don't care if my baby is listening to classical music or not, but I liked that there were choices here so you don't go crazy from hearing the same song over and over again, and that the songs were pleasant and relaxing. The mobile itself is really fun, with motion and flow, not just dangling pieces. It really seems animated, from a baby's perspective. Another great feature is that the music plays for a long time, so you're not constantly running in to set the music on again. (I had another mobile that played for maybe 6 minutes, and then the baby would start getting fussy. What's the use of that?!) Tiny Love makes great products!


Cambridge, MA


Great for entertainment, not putting baby to sleep


I ended up buying the Tiny Love Symphony In Motion Mobile with Remote right after my son was born because we were looking for something to help us with getting him to sleep on his own. This is not the mobile for you if you're trying to induce sleep; it's loud even though there are different levels of volume, and it's very stimulating.  As a budget savvy Mommy I was very pleased with how inexpensive the Tiny Love Symphony Mobile was. However, the motor broke while my son was still an infant and I had to purchase another one (I ended up going with one that helped induce sleep) when our second son was born so I'm not sure how wonderful the cost was since I ended up having to buy 2.  I also never used the remote. Also, if you're looking for a chance to put baby down in a safe place while you grab a quick shower, turning this on with baby in the crib is a great idea. The bright colors, classical music, and fun swirls are sure to hold baby's attention. Keep in mind the bright colors don't match all (do they match any?) nursery decor...some parents don't like that but since we didn't really have a theme I didn't mind.  My son loved this mobile. It just kept him awake which was exactly opposite of why we purchased it.


Bend, OR


Cute and fun mobile


I actually bought this mobile used from another person and even with it being on its second use, it held up really well.  I had researched a bunch of mobiles and kept coming back to this Tiny Love one.  There just seemed to be more fun stuff for the baby to look at.  It also is a litle different than your typical baby mobile, and likely won't match a lot of nursery decorating schemes with its bright colors, but I think that is what makes it so great for a baby.  The mobile spins on a slight angle so the animals get closer and farther away depending on where it is in its rotation.  At a very young age I could see my son's eyes following the animals around.  The animals aren't very typical - we called them crazy farm animals - but the varying colors on each one definitely held interest.  It has some nice classical music options that didn't drive us crazy having to listen to them! :)  We didn't have any problems fitting this on our crib; however it was a little bit of a pain to have to take the entire thing down to change out the battery.  But overall, I was very happy with this mobile.


Irvine, CA


wouldn't do without


If I could give the **Tiny Love Symphony In Motion Mobile with Remote **10 stars, I would! Before I start singing its praises I will say my only problem with it - it is not as quiet as I think a mobile should be. It is in no ways a "put baby to sleep" mobile, even with the adjustable sound. But for a mother who HAS to put the baby down sometimes, despite baby's objection, the **Tiny Love Symphony In Motion Mobile with Remote **is a lifesaver. Everything about the **Tiny Love Symphony In Motion Mobile with Remote** is bright and colorful, from the stuffed animals attached to the actual arms of the mobile. I really like that the **Tiny Love Symphony In Motion Mobile with Remote** does not just move around and around, it turns and rotates as doing so. This adds more excitement and wonder to the toy. At the same time, there is also the black & white contrast for very young babies. I jokingy call this toy the baby crack machine. You have to make sure that the **Tiny Love Symphony In Motion Mobile with Remote **is tightened to the crib very well, but I did not find assembly or attachment very hard.


Winnsboro, SC


Everything a Baby Loves!


  I bought my first Tiny Love Symphony In Motion Mobile when my son was a baby, and I bought it used! So understand that this mobile has now been used by at least three children! My son was enthralled with it. It has everything a baby loves to look at--from the very bright colors to the black and white areas--it kept him entertained when he was in his crib for naps.  Beyond that, the music was very sleep inducing as well! After we were done with the mobile unit, we left the music box, and it lulled him to sleep every night. He has been using that music box for over THREE YEARS!! Now that my daughter is ready for naps in her crib, we actually borrowed someone else's music box piece, so that both kids could use the music box and my daughter could use the mobile. She loves it every bit as much as her brother did. My only complaint has got to be that as the batteries run down, it sounds so incredibly sad! But that happens only every few months, so I can live with it.     


Reston, VA


Tiny Love Symphony In Motion Mobile with Remote

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