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Koala Baby
Koala Baby Flannel Fitted Crib Sheet

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Great Koala Baby crib sheet


We love our Koala Baby crib sheet. We have the mocha color to match our child's jungle room theme. It is very soft and washes very well. It has not gotten any of those annoying balls on it that happens to other brands when you wash them. The only gripe I have about this sheet (and this goes for most other brands of sheets out there) is that it is so hard to put on the crib. Maybe it is just the mattress we use, but it is really hard to get this sheet on without pure frustration and a lot of patience. I have tried to pull at it to make it easier to put on, but nothing works. Because I've been having the same problems with the other brands of crib sheets that I use, I will still buy more Koala Baby crib sheets if only because they are so soft! I plan on putting some of these sheets into all of my pregnant friend's baby shower gifts because it is the softest sheet on the market for your baby.


Stanton, CA


Koala Baby Flannel Sheet is so soft and warm


We own two of these in different colors for our son's crib. I just love them for the wintertime. I know it probably doesn't make any sense, but I feel so badly for him that he can't have a blanket or a pillow, I know he's in a sleeper and is warm, but it makes me feel better knowing he has this soft, warm, flannel sheet to sleep on. And the fact that it's fitted means he's safe from getting tangled up in it and something horrible happening. We have a blue sheet and a cream colored one, and they are just wonderful. They're actually quite easy to put on the mattress, too, which is surprising because usually it's pretty hard to wrestle sheets onto the crib mattress. Every baby is going to go through some part of their first year during cold winter months (unless you live in the tropics), so I would say investing in one or two of these would be a wise choice, at least until the baby is a year old and can have a blanket, though I'm pretty sure ours will still be in use after that :)


Louisville, KY


Soft and warm crib sheets


I bought the pink and pink & white polka dot two-pack of the Koala Baby Flannel Fitted Crib Sheets last winter for my daughter.  I had noticed that her regular sheets were cold at night when we went to put her down in her crib and a lot of the time she'd wake up as soon as she touched them.  We have flannel sheets for our bed and they tend to be warmer, so I decided to try some for our daughter's crib.  The two-pack was the better buy so I picked it up.  I'm glad I did or I would have been going back to the store for more!  These sheets were easy to get on a standard sized crib mattress with a mattress pad already on it.  Once on, they're snug-fitting and stay in place, so there's no worry about safety.  I wash them on warm and dry on medium to medium-high heat and they haven't shrunk, a problem I've had with other crib sheets.  They started out soft and have only gotten softer over time and after washing.  They haven't faded or pilled, either.  They do stay warmer than her regular sheets and we get quite a bit of use out of them in the cooler months.


Oakland Gardens, NY


Love it!


I really, really like these sheets! They fit snugly and don't bunch up around the mattress. Unfortunately they don't come in that many colors, I think there are only three colors available,  and aren't available in prints, but I prefer to have solids anyway. I do notice that with several washes it does tend to have pilling (rolly pollys?) but the colors stay strong and the sheet seems softer after every wash. I recently bought some new ones for my little one, but I also have a few hand me down ones and they look just as good. They are easy to clean, and I noticed that with my hand me downs that there aren't any stains on them, so apparently they are stain resistant which is good for all the spit ups and surprise diapers that you might encounter! My little one is due this November and I can't wait to use these sheets with him, I do know that my sister in law says they are by far the best for the money!


Pearland, TX


Warm, Soft, favorite baby sheet.


These sheets are fantastic. I own 3 in all different colors. Unfortunately they do come in very few colors and no prints; although I'm not one for prints anyway.  Although they do get those roley-poleys out of the fabric (is that called pilling?), it happens after many washes, but it does not take away the quality of the sheets to me. They seem to get softer after each wash and somehow it seems that the stains come out easily. My son has been using these sheets for over a year now and they're still going strong.  


Covina, CA


Koala Baby Flannel Fitted Crib Sheet

4.8 5