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Maternity Sleep Pillows
Boppy Upholstered Newborn Lounger - Seed Row

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I loved this product!! If you have a baby that needs a slight incline and a comfortable place to sleep this is for you! My child had severe acid reflux and having this gave me some peace! He loved it and so did I! Was so sad when he outgrew it. I encourage all my pregnant friends to invest in one of these!




This is an absolute MUST for every mom!


This product is something that I received as a baby shower gift and I have to say it was my absolute favorite of any item I received. In fact now that I know how wonderful this lounger is, I give it to every one of my expecting friends at their baby showers. My son, Cannon literally used this Boppy every day for the first 9 months to lay in, and now, at 16 months old, he still uses it to lay his head on while he is in his playpen, most days. It is extremely durable and can be thrown in the washing machine on gentle to clean it, although I do reccomend a cover for it so that it can be swapped out when spills happen. Every mom needs one of these!




Use everyday!


I got the Boppy Newborn Lounger a few days before I brought my daughter home from the hospital. I was skeptical at first since I have the original Boppy and was unsure if I would really use this one. I love this product! It is easy to wipe of the surface or wash in the washing machine. I have washed it several times in the washing machine and each time it comes out looking new. I love that it is a safe seat for my baby to lay in while I am with her. It raises her slightly. She loves to look around the room while in the lounger. I love that she does not slide down the lounger like my son did in the original Boppy. I like that it is lightweight and there is a handle on the lounger that makes it very easy to move or travel with. My 4 year old even loves to sit on the Boppy as a pillow and looks so cozy. I will recommend this product to anyone I talk to & probably purchase this for any friends having a baby. I cannot imagine my life without this product.


Minneapolis, MN


Boppy Lounger-wish I had this with my first!


With my third child, I was excited to look for new products that I hadnt used with my first two (even though it had only been 4 years since the birth of my first). I came across a friend that something that looked cool- a boppy lounger. I hadnt seen it before, and wondered, did I really need this? I already had the boppy, for feeding purposes. But I decided to register for it, and recieved it, and boy, am I glad I did! this product was awesome-really- a must have! It enabled my baby to sit in a comfortable position, while watching the world go by. He spent so much time on his cushioney little seat..watching his sisters, taking a little cat nap (next to me of course). This product was amazing. I wish they had made these when my first was born, I have recommended it to all of my pregnant friends. My baby was able to use it until he turned about 5 months old and started wanting to sit a little on his own. i would say, for 5 months of use, it was totally worth it. Absolutely love this product! Even though the fabric is not removable, it was easy to wash in the machine...it didnt lose it's shape!


Huntington Beach, CA


Wonderful accessory


I labeled this as an accessory because you really could raise a child never having one, but for me and my family it was a must have, and one of our favorite items we use. I have twins and am obviously unable to hold them both all the time... enter the Boppy Newborn Lounger. I have one of these, and one regular Boppy pillow. Every morning when my girls wake up, they go straigt into the Boppy and the Newborn Lounger. It is a comfortable place to set baby while you are making a bottle, going to the bathroom, eating something for yourself (if that ever actually happens), etc. I liked the Lounger better than the regular Boppy because the girls were not able to slide down out of it. It sits like a little bowl and holds them in place. That is, until they start rolling and crawling around on their own! It has been spit up on many times and was very easy to just wipe clean. I could not imagine how much harder things would have been without my Boppy Lounger!


Las Vegas, NV


Boppy Upholstered Newborn Lounger - Seed Row

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