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PC 350
Sennheiser - Headset Premium Gaming Headset

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PC 350, a Must Have for Gaming


For over a year now I've used this headset, no wear and tear and works as good as new. I've dropped it, rolled my chair wheels over the cord and even kicked it, these are durable and will last long. I highly recommend these for anyone who plays video games or listens to bass heavy music, or any music for that matter. Never will you regret buying these, they come at a price but it's well worth it. I've recommended it to many friends and bought mine after a friend recommended them to me. This is the median headset, not too expensive, not dirt cheap and quality is just perfect. They're comfortable, and don't make your head sweat. They don't pick up any unecessary background noise, trust me, I live in a house of 8 and these things make talking to me bearable. The noise cancelling isn't Bose status, you'll hear things, but it's perfect. People will be able to reach you from the outside world without having to hit you upside the head, whereas Bose... Good luck hearing even the fire alarm.

Oceanside, CA


If you are gaming or listening to music these are perfect.


If you are looking for a good headphone and mic set that will put you on the top of your game then look no further. The Sennheiser PC 350 is one of the best around. I often play first person shooter games where hearing someone around the corner is crucial. With this headset I can hear anything and everything without being overloaded with sound. The mic is extremely clear with nice crisp sound. It does seem to be a little sensitive and will pick up sounds from another room when keyed up. The headset is a little on the pricy side but well worth it. I have not been let down. If I just want to turn on Netflix and watch a movie or television episode it still sounds great.  The noise cancelling is really nice too. My husband is also a gamer and he has the same headset. When he is playing his game I can't hear any sound coming from his headset. The ear cuffs keep the sound where it is supposed to be. It's also nice to be able to drown out the outside noise and just concentrate on the game when everyone is asleep. I can frag till my heart is content without worry that my gunfire will wake the kids. The headset is also extremely comfortable. I can wear it for a few hours at a time without having to adjust constantly. The ear cuffs do get a little warm so there are times when I have a slight case of "sweaty ears". For the price you will not be let down. There are cheaper headsets on the market but they won't produce the quality that the Sennheisers do. Anyone from a gamer to an audiophile will be able to enjoy these.

Mayetta, KS


Sennheiser - Headset Premium Gaming Headset

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