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VXI - Blue Parrot Headset

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The Blue Parrot Rules The World


I love my Blue Parrot headset!!! My husband is a truck driver and so we talk on the phone a lot because we miss each other :) Anyway, his old headsets were horrible! All I could hear was the background noises from his truck, the blower, and so on, and we always had to hang up annoyed. But after he got his BP, I hear ZERO background noise!! His voice is crystal clear even in the noisiest environments!! I got a headset for me too and I love it! It's comfortable to wear all day if I want to blab while cleaning the house! And it's wireless. I absolutely love it and so does he! We've had our for a long time. No issues! Well worth the money!!

Lyle, MN


No background noise and crystal clear call quality


I drive for a living and need a hands free set.  I have used the earpiece bluetooth sets in the past and people I was calling could not hear me due to all the background noise.   I could also barely hear them.  The bluetooth set I had before is also small and easily lost in a big truck cab.  With this set, I can hear the person I am talking to and they can hear me crystal clear.  Awesome noise cancellation.  I tried it driving with the windows down, and the person on the other end of the call couldn't even tell.  Now I have a larger head and this set is adjustable, but still a little tight on me.  The set comes with a pad on the earpiece and a cover to use so it doesn't get dirty.  The set is cordless, so it does need to be charged from time to time.  It is easy to sync up to any phone.  It looks a little funny to wear it, but it is conveinent (especially for a truck driver who needs hands to shift, use the CB, steer, eat, etc.).  Ease of Use If you know how to use the bluetooth function of your device, you can use this with ease. Design Very comfortable

Zephyrhills, FL


Life just became a little easier


I got this for hubby for Christmas.  He had been asking for it for months.  He is a Professional Truck Driver and between the work phone and the personal phone, he needed something better than an ear bluetooth..which after long periods of use irritated his ear.  This was recommended by a lot of his co-workers and his other buddies.  I am so I go him this! I can now talk to him and he is crystal clear with no back ground noise of a motor, traffic or when he is unloading skids! He finds it comfortable and hears a lot better using this!  It is well worth the money.

Burlington, NC


VXI - Blue Parrot Headset

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