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Motorola - HS820 Bluetooth Headset

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After years of searching to the perfect microphone...


After I ran over my mobile phone-a *Motorola V400*-and had it replaced with it a *Motorola *V551 Bluetooth enabled phone, I needed a Bluetooth enabled headset to go along with it.  *Motorola* offers an ever increasing number of Bluetooth enabled headphones to choose from; I decided on the smallest, the *Motorola* **HS820**.   The **HS820** is a handsome bit of craftsmanship.  The small microphone/headset weighs less then 1 oz, and is so light I often forget it is attached to my ear even after hours of wearing it.  The form-fitting ear-clip is fashioned with a soft rubber coating that makes it easy to slip the **HS820** over either ear even with glasses on.  In the middle of the headset body is a single multi-function button that not only turns the unit on and off, but also serves to connect the **HS820** to the phone via Bluetooth.  The button also can initiate and end phone calls.  Directly in front of this button is a blue LED emblazoned with the famous *Motorola *wings.      The top and bottom of the unit house volume control buttons, while the front of the unit is fitted with a microphone.  In the back of the **HS820 **is where one plugs in the charger.  It just so happens that the V551 phone and the microphone share the same charger. Can you say instant spare? **My Viewpoint** Before purchasing the **HS820 **headset I read quite a few review of the product that that complained about the sound quality.  Quite frankly they made me hesitate before finally deciding to purchase the unit, however I have not experienced any sound quality problems, knock on wood.  Even at highway speeds to sound quality seems to hold.  Unlike other Bluetooth headsets the **HS820** does not have a boom microphone so speaking loud and clear is a must.  But I do not shout when I speak into the headset; no doubt my vocal cords are glad to hear that.    Out of the box *Motorola* highly recommends you charge the **HS820** for two hours before first use.  Afterwards you can use the unit to it full capacity.  *Motorola* claims up to 100 hours of standby time, and 300 minutes of talk time.  The blue LED will light when the **HS820** is charging and it will automatically stop charging when the battery is full.  This helps prevent damage to the battery.    **Conclusion** After years of searching to the perfect microphone/ headset for my mobile phone needs, I think I have finally found the perfect mate in the *Motorola* **HS820.**  Small, extremely lightweight, attractive, and functional, the **HS820** fit my modest needs, and does it in style.  The **HS820** is the perfect combination of technology and simplicity; Motorola does it again and does it in style. 

Aurora, IL


safer driving for me!


This blue tooth headset was a must for me because I always get business calls as I drive. The headset is good for me to use because it is not hard for me to fit on my ear, and i do not have any trouble hearing the person who is talking to me. The headset is a great way to talk on the phone without having to worry about getting in trouble with the police. this is also very light, and also, once I have it on, I do not have to worry about it falling off because it is very secure on my ears. The person I am speaking to is able to hear my voice clearly when I speak with this on. The headset is very affordable and I was very glad to see the price for it. Other headsets claim to be more elaborate and have more features, but this is nice because it does not have much complicated parts to it. When I sometimes lose this blue tooth headset, that is the worst feeling. It is small, and I am messy so I always lose it in my car and that makes me miserable. 

Hartford, CT


The easiest bluetooth ever!


This motorola bluetooth is the best. I no longer get cramps in my arm, holding my cell phone to my ear as I drive or walk thru the store or do chores around the house. The sound is really good and i hear just as well thru the bluetooth as thru the phone. The bluetooth is very lightweight and comfortable on my ear. In fact I forget I have it on and end up walking around wearing it without even realizing it. The people on the other end of the conversation do not seem to be able to tell the difference between my talking on the phone itself or the bluetooth. For me, this is so much safer and easier and a lot less distracting when driving or shopping to be able to have both hands free. Also I am always losing my phone way down in the bottom of my purse and it is often difficult to find it when I am driving or shopping. It rings and I have to stop and hunt for it until I either find it or miss the call. But not with the bluetooth. I just touch the button on the bluetooth and the call is in my ear without ever having to look for the phone and I can get pretty far away from my purse and still stay connected. So when I leave my purse in the back of the car with the groceries, I can still get my calls without stopping or taking my eyes away from the road.

Saint Louis, MO


Motorola - HS820 Bluetooth Headset

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