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Plantronics CS50 Headset

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Great headset!


I have this headset at my office and am very impressed by it. It is easy to use, comfortable, and has great sound quality and range. I use it with a lifter on my handset so that I can answer the phone remotely. One feature I really like is that I can mute the headset by pressing a button, even if I am away from my desk. I will say that this headset has incredible range. I can use it all over my 38,000 sq foot building without any issues at all in sound quality. It also seems to hold a charge for a really long time. You just have to be careful that when you put it back on the holder, the charge contacts are touching and actually charging. I have made the mistake of just gently placing it back and the headset loses charge. I would highly recommend this device.

Colorado Springs, CO


You will fall in love


I user this for at work every day and have for about 2.5 years for 8 hours a day.  I love it.  I am in a call center and we fight over batteries if someone does not  put theirs back on the charger.  I this headset is so easy to use.  I have always been a fan of Plantronics quality it is always top notch.  I have used other companies head set and went out and spent my own money to get a plantronics.  This headset tops all that I have use in over 15+ years!!  If you have to change the battery watch out when installing you could rip the wires out of the battery.  Sound quality is great hearing and speaking without interference.

Columbus, OH


works good


In the office I work at they have the Plantronics CS50 head set. I have used the Plantonics head set for a few years now. Over all it does the job, but there are a few other features that would be nice to have if you are planning to pay good money for a nice head set. I defiantly think it would be nice to answer more then one line when you are away from your desk with out having to run to your desk to transfer the calls and then try and get across the office be fore you get another call. Also the weight of the ear piece is bothersome. I take mine on and off all day. It would be nice to have one that was smaller and did not hurt my ear. So if you don't leave your desk much and don't mind taking the ear piece on and off all day this would be an ok product to buy.

Saint Francis, MN


The Plantronics CS50 makes my work day easier!


I have been using the Plantronics CS50 for a couple of years now.  It fits comfortably on my ear and most of the time I don't even notice that it's there.  Every once in awhile I find myself in the bathroom with it still attached to my head.  It beeps nicely in my ear when my phone rings so that I know my phone is ringing.  I can answer it from where ever I am.  I can fax information while I'm on the phone with the person so that I don't have to worry about getting distracted and forgetting.  I don't miss very many calls because my phone is always with me.  This product has a very long range and beeps at me when I'm getting too far away.  I have neck problems and this allows me to talk on the phone comfortably.  The battery has never gone dead on me during business hours and I always recharge it when I'm not at work.  The calls are very clean and the person on the other end can always here me clearly also.  I would recommend this product to anyone.  Worth every penny.  If I had a landline at home, I'd have one there also!

Utica, MN


A lift and go 900MHz wireless champ!


Those of us in the Information Technology field seem to spend just as much time on the phone conversing with vendors, or technical support representatives, as we do with our hands in the equipment.  Over the years I have spent countless hours on the phone with one vendor or another tied to my desk while working on a problem, or on hold.  I would have loved to have had the freedom to leave my desk and attend to other matters while on hold, but never could until recently.  I now have a **Plantronics CS50 Wireless Headphones** on my desk; now my conversations can go wherever I go.  The **Plantronics CS50** is actually two units: the wireless headphones and the base unit; they talk to each other wirelessly at 900MHz.  I have my unit plugged into my Cisco IP phone.  Installing the unit is simple: plug the base unit into an available power outlet, then plug in the headset and let it charge.  Next unplug the phone handset and plug it into the wireless base, and replace the handset; you are now ready to make and receive calls.  The elongated wireless headset used with the **Plantronics CS50** is lightweight and comfortable.  There are just two controls: a *Talk Button* for initiating and ending calls, and a volume/mute button/jog dial located on the end of the headset.  A yellow circular LED in the middle of the headset will blink when on a live call.  Placing a call with the **Plantronics CS50** is simple to use.  Removing the headset from the charging base lifts the telephone headset and causes a dial-tone.  I can then dial the number normally.  I can also dial the number and then lift the headset; either way allows me to talk.  I can walk quite a distance from my desk with the **Plantronics CS50** and still maintain a connection.  This is very convenient during those times when I want privacy and or I need to be in front of a piece of equipment for troubleshooting, or when I am on perpetual hold!  And the volume does not diminish with range; instead you will hear a number of beeps warning you that you are about to lose the wireless signal.  **Conclusion** The **Plantronics CS50 900MHz DIG Wireless Headphones** are the answer to my need for mobility and privacy.  The wireless system is a simple to setup, easy to learn, and even easier to use.  And the inclusion of the *HL10 Handset Lifter* only makes the system more useful and care-free.  If you are in the market for a stellar, relatively inexpensive 900MHz wireless headphones system, the **Plantronics CS50** will certainly make the grade.

Aurora, IL


Plantronics CS50 Headset

4.6 5