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Schwinn 130 Upright Bike


This Upright Adjustable Exercise Bike Combines Value and Versatility

Bringing bicycling technology to home fitness, Schwinn 130 Adjustable Upright Exercise Bike will help you live a healthy and more active lifestyle. The bike delivers a great cardio workout to you in the comfort of your home employing 22 pre-programmed workouts and 20 resistance levels. A BioFit comfort seat adjusts for a more comfortable workout and heart rate monitoring is built in the handlebars. The Schwinn 130 upright is designed with workouts that quickly engage the cardiovascular system, your key to a healthy, happy heart.

The upright adjustable exercise bike is engineered for convenience. Newly designed LCD displays get you a larger, main display and a smaller, secondary display that still lets you view your progress if a book or iPad is propped against the main one. With easy to use features, simple assembly, and a unique console designed with you in mind, the Schwinn 130 is reliable transportation to a better you.

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Do not like the setup for this.


Dislike this bike at local gym, but that others may like it. I by far prefer the Schwinn bike that is like a regular bike (these pack up the bike class) and are manual. I don't like to speed up but love when there is a FLAT handlebar to put things down to pass time like a book, magazine, even arts & crafts. And I prefer to stand and lean forward. You can not do either of these things with this bike. Can't do this comfortably on this bike and the seat is also noisy rattling back and forth on several of them. Also, since it is electronic and you decide to slow down now and then, it shuts off, which is a burden. I do like to slow down especially when drinking from a bottle of water, but here you have to keep up the steady tempo without slowing down. Sorry to be a bit pessimistic to this one but it just doesn't match my needs. I ride the plain Schwinn though I do not like how the newest model does not have a flat haad like the older model which I purchased and keep in my basement.

Belmont, MA


Schwinn 130 Upright Bike


it's a good bike overall. It's not too big or take up a lot of space. It has a lot of new technology that I haven't seen before. Duel LED digital displays for watching to get feedback on the training. it also has a data tracker to let you know how far and fast you're coming along in reaching a specific goal. Twenty two different programs it says. Also there are two user settings. The amazing thing about this bike is how quiet it is. I've never had one so quiet. There are many different resistance settings so getting a really good workout no matter if you're a senior or a young very fit person. It is a bit on the heavy side. About seventy pounds so you may want to have a fixed spot for it if you don't want to lug it around. There are transport wheels but it doesn't move that easily for me over our heavy carpet. There is a USB charging port to hook up with Schwinn connect that keeps track of your data. The seat is very padded and comfortable as well.



Decent bike, but pedals are a little small


I have been using the Schwinn 130 Upright Bike for quite some time now to warm up my body prior to lifting weights. I like the adjustable seat height and the smooth motion of the pedals, but they both present problems. I can't sit on the seat for more than 15 minutes before it starts to hurt my butt, which isn't too big of deal because I mainly use it for warming up, but doing extended cardio requires a cushion. The pedals are almost too small for my size 10.5 feet and the range of motion is somewhat limiting. When I'm pedaling my heel will sometimes scrap the side of the bike. The only way I can prevent this is by changing my natural running motion, which so far hasn't shown any ill effects on my knees. The limited pedal range is okay for my quads and calves, but do nothing for my hips. I still feel tight in my hips after 15 minutes on the bike and have to do other exercises to warm up my abductors. I definitely wouldn't recommend the Schwinn 130 Upright Bike as a dedicated cardio machine, but it will be more than useful for those trying to stay active a couple of times a week.

Westchester, IL


Schwinn 130 Upright Bike

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