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Chrome Messenger Bags

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good bag


i first bought a messenger bag back in the winter of 2012. it lasted me all the way to two months ago when i bought my first backpack. the durability of these messenger bags does a lot of good. id bike to and from work and school and took my chrome bag everywhere i went. my new bag is the top notch beauty and i use it for school. its so great it makes me turn into a ninja at night when im avoiding the pop officres of the muni! i live in san francisco and its everything to be using these bags, they are axclusive to the bay and other major underground cities so having one definitely establishes your citizenship as a biker or other rider. my first messenger was red and grey. it cost me 90 bucks and i got it on sale. my new bag costs 190 and i payed the full price on that one because it had just came out and i like doing that, paying the full price for a new item. chrome is worth it and good for the job.



this chrome messenger bag is durable


Chrome messenger bags come in three sizes. Regardless of which one you use, all carry the same design and have the same cool features. These are bona fide messenger bags, designed first for people who make a living riding in the city, hauling stuff on their bike. That means that the bags have to be rugged and functional, and that's what you'll find.The Chrome messenger back is chock full of features, front and back, inside and out. This short list of the best items is based on my experience as a daily bike commuter, and knowing what is necessary for a bag to fit you comfortably and keep your stuff secure.Here's what I found:Shoulder strap holds fast but has nice easy adjustment.Quality snaps and clips to secure cover and straps. No cheap plastic clips that break or crack and don't hold. Smaller side strap goes underneath your arm if needed. Keeps bag properly positioned in.  

Clearwater, FL


my bag for everything - cycling, hiking, etc.


This began as my bike messenger bag - and I got the hot pink limited edition. score! Yes, it's pricey - as someone once said, It's equivalent to 40 Starbucks coffee. yikes. i don't want to think about that. What's awesome is that it has a lifetime warranty. I've had mine for 3+ years and although the color's fading....sad....but it's still going strong. It's lasted through Lord knows how many seasons - and through my cycling treks through rain, snow, mud, dirt, et cetera. I can't say enough good things about it. It has a gazillion pockets - okay, not gazillion, but it has 4 outer pockets, then you can open the pockets in between the outside and inside and there's a secret tucked away pocket for your hidden stash. Not going to tell you what to hide in there.  This has been used for everything from groceries to my 17" laptop, to tons of wine & beer bottles...and sometime in the future, it will be my diaper bag for my future baby. is that TMI for you guys? oops. In any case, can't recommend it highly enough. better to buy this than those designer bags that don't have a seatbelt buckle that people push because the think it's funny. They've really expanded their line. back in the days, they only had 2 or 3 sizes...but their website has a huge line now. I have their metro bag - which i recommend. the mini-metro & citizen are too small. then again, it depends on your build. 

Denver, CO


Great Little Bag


This is a great little bag. It is just the right size to tote all the stuff you need when you head out for the days adventures. It has a comfortable shoulder strap so it is not too heavy or uncomfortable to carry and doesn't dig into your shoulder. It is good looking, so you can take it with you wherever you want to or need to go. It is durable so if it gets wet, in the rain or snow, you don't have to worry about ruining it. It cleans easily if you spill something or get it on there. OVerall, a great little bag that I would highly recommend for anyone who needs a multipurpose durible bag to carry with you.

San Francisco, CA


Best on-the-bike bag


There are some positive reviews on other sites on Chrome bags - believe them. I have the the mini metro, their smallest. I would recommend getting the smallest you need, b/c the bigger your bag, the more junk you will tote around.  If you have the need though, Chrome can feed it - the larger bags are HUGE.  Like two 12 packs of beer huge. I am constantly tightening and loosening the straps to fine tune the fit while riding, and if you're a fidgeter like I am, you'll love the ease of adjustment. I'm not a messenger, but I'd imagine that this feature is a plus when loading and unloading deliveries w/out taking the bag off. It is a very comfortable bag - in mine I can pack a lenovo T60, power adaptor, work clothes (w/o shoes usually), and some spare bike clothes for changing conditions. On cold mornings I'll ride in wearing bike shorts and rainpants underneath and can pack cycling tights and a pair of shorts for the warmer ride home. Anything more than that, and you're probably carring too much.  This bag may seem to fill up fast, but then expands up rather than out, because the flap only needs to barely touch the velcro on the main body to hold the bag shut and the contents in.  

Chicago, IL


Chrome Messenger Bags

4.8 5