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Inner Tube
Bell No-Mor Flats Inner Tubes

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Is great for regular biking. No tricks allowed...but that is ok


The Bell No-Mor Flat tubes work great for kids bikes and other cyclist that do not go over rough terrain.  Street biking is good using these tires.  No matter how many stickers your kids drive over they do not go flat.  They are difficult to install, but you never have to fix a flat after that.  Trouble free for a very long time.  I put them in almost all of my kids bikes so far and have had them in for at least two years.  I am still trying to get the other sizes for my older kids bikes.  I do not recommend these tubes for trick cycling, because there is not a lot of "give".  You cannot expect the tire to do well going over jumps, etc.  I have been told that you even risk bending your bicycle frame doing tricks, so don't.  For trick cycles it is best to stick with the tire liners and thick wall tires.

Salt Lake City, UT


Need a dependable inner tube for your bike?


I purchased the No-Mor Flats Inner Tube by BELL last week at Wal-mart. I have been using it now for most of that time. When I first put it inside of my tire it seemed hard and difficult. I read the directions again, and I saw that it had to be watered down first. I actually just put it in my tire without the water. You have to have patience because the tube is kind of hard.

Richmond, VA


Bell No-Mor Flats Inner Tubes

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