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CycleOps Electronic+ Indoor Trainer

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Love This CycleOps


I travel statewide on my job and am rarely in one place for long so I needed a trainer that could accomodate the road. I love that it has five courses and that I can pick my own levels as well. I have even found additional courses to add to it online. I can keep up with my heart rate and distance and calories too. I am so happy with this trainer.I especially like all the extra things I can do with it online and the fact that it travels well. The rechargeable batteries are a plus too and are used when on the computer. They are charged by pedaling which is way cool! The guys that travel with me on the crew have been equally impressed and several of the guys plan to purchase one too. If you need a portable gym, this one is a little expensive but it sure is great which is worth spending the money for.

Decatur, TX


If you have to INDOORS, this is the way to do it.


If you have to train indoors, this is the way to do it.  I HATE indoor training but on those days when you don't have an option, it's nice to have this trainer handy.  It's easy to mount the bike in the prongs and feels stable while riding.  Before this particular trainer, I had a old off brand trainer that was ill-balanced and unstable during my sessions.  I eventually abandoned it for an earlier Cyclops trainer and now to this one.  Cyclops makes an incredle product that allows a cyclist to improve their strength and speed while being safe.  During the cold months with snow and ice, I have to admit I would rather ride on this than outside freezing my spandex clad legs off and, when spring rolls around, emerge strong and fast for those first rides out.  Cyclops allows me to stay fit and ready regardless of the season.  Anyone that has a bike should have this trainer.  It's great and worth the money paid.   sandy

Whitewright, TX


I love my CycleOps Trainer!!!!!


The CycleOps trainer is a great way to train on your own bike when the weather doesn't allow you to go outside. This is a Quality trainer for those who like feedback and data from their training sessions. Tracks calories, time, distance, power, and heart rate. Five intergrated courses of varying levels with 4 interval and 4 fitness course. And the CycleOps is easy to use. Easy to read display, pre-programmed workouts, best midrange power trainer hands down, integrates with powertap wheelset, tech and warranty support is a real live person you talk to.   I have tried every workout on the display and these are great to break up the monotony of the sprint or hill intervals. I love having the feedback for my workouts it is motivating and help get through long tedious trainng hours...especially in winter.

Cudahy, WI


CycleOps Electronic+ Indoor Trainer

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