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Road Bike
Trek 2.7 FX Road Bike

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it's a pretty good bike i actualy just got it a couple days


it's a pretty good bike i actualy just got it a couple days ago i really like it it works very well for my needs i have a veery small apartement so its very nice to be ableto just fold it up kind of put it in my room took it out of the way and not you know really have to take up space with a full size bicycle it has the speed selector about six speed bike its pretty nice its made by shimano it has a reflectoron the french pretty standard little bell i guess it would comein handy if you are like in the city or something . let's say this is pretty much the bike in general If you're looking for a budget friendly folding bike, or just want to try out the folding bike concept before spending much more on some of the more expensive brands, try the Citizen brand. It's a great affordable and reliable option.

it's a pretty good bike i actualy just g


Great city bike.


The Trek 2.7 FX is a great city bike that rides well and takes typical city jars with ease (Like going over curbs and potholes!)  Very comfortable.  Any adjustments are a snap.  Suprisingly light for it's size and appearance.  Seemless construction--but tough built.  A tweener between a road bike and a mountain bike.  Attractive enough. Glad I bought it

Philadelphia, PA


Excellent, durable, and low maintence bike.


I have ridden my Trek over 12,000 miles and have only had to replace tires and brake pads. The gears are still in very good condition.. Rides very well on bumpy terrain and I would reccomend it to anyone.

Dallas, TX


Trek 2.7 FX Road Bike

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