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WEP 460
Samsung - WEP460 Bluetooth Headset

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This headset performs!


I received this headset as a gift for Christmas and I could not be more happy with the quality of this headset. Upon fully charging the headset the charge lasted through several hours of constant use when paired to my Playstation 3 for online gaming. The headset feels very comfortable in my ear. This is a very important feature to me. I've had several headsets in the past and all of them became very uncomfortable to wear after several hours of usage. However, with this Samsung headset I could barely notice it was in my ear. Pairing it with my Playstation 3 was a breeze. It was discovered almost immediately and I was using the device within minutes after unplugging it from the charger after the initial charge. Pros: Very comfortable for extended usage, long battery life, small size makes for unnoticable headset when in ear   Cons: None yet, very satisfied with this product and would recommend it to anyone looking for a great headset for use with a gaming console or phone headset

Waseca, MN


Customer service goes a long way


Albeit I am a little biased, but Samsung is a terrible company.  As for the product, while it worked, it did okay; little white noise and relatively loud.  But it stopped working within a month and Samsung refused to do anything about it.  This wasnt the first time I had had poor experiences with Samsung.  I bought a tv from them a while back and it had a mail in rebate.  I - who have done many mail in rebates in the past and am familiar with the process - carefully followed all steps in the process of sending the rebate in.  a few months pass and I wonder why I havent received payment so I call samsung.  After jumping through multiple hoops - a couple on fire - i get to the rebates office and they say I didnt include the upc.  I know I did... i have the box with a hole in it from where i cut it out, and they refuse to talk anymore with me.  I have heard of this happening to many other people, and this headset is the last samsung product I will buy.  

San Luis Obispo, CA


Good investment, worth the money!!!


I just love the tiny bluetooth which is very helpful when i drive and I am busy with other works, when I am handsfull. Just love the way it works. It absolutely worth its price. Very good daily use and comfortable.

Lombard, IL


Samsung - WEP460 Bluetooth Headset

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