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Samsung - WEP-470 Bluetooth Headset

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Works great for my little ears!


I've used this bluetooth headset for about a month now and so far I can't say that I've got anything negative to say about it. This headset is everything I've been looking for in a hands-free device. At a little bit over an inch long, it's light as heck. If you put it in your pocket, be sure to remember it so you don't end up crushing it by mistake. There had been a few times where I would almost go to bed with it inside my pocket. The headset comes with a thin earloop that hooks over your ear. I find that while it's something that may break easily (as I've read others claim it did), so far as I'm a bit more careful with it, it hasn't broke yet. Also, the design of it is nice, as it fits over my tiny ears (even when I'm wearing glasses) and holds on firmly. Some things that I really enjoy about this headset is the on/off switch-- it is amazing. Now I don't even have to worry about it potentially draining when unconnected from the phone. With the switch, the battery usage can last a while. So far I've had it charged and been using it on and off for about three days and it hasn't died yet. I also like that it has a little light indicator, when it's blue it means that it's active/connected, and when you turn it off, it would blink blue and then red. It will also show you that it needs to be charged when it blinks amber, and then red. Connection-wise, it was quite simple, it didn't even need the 0000 passcode that's ubiquitious with phone pairings. It paired without a hassle with my HTC TP2. The sound quality is great. People can hear me clearly, and I can hear them loud and clear. As I've said since I had this for a month, it may be premature to give it five stars, however at this current moment it has done nothing but amaze me.

Queens, NY


The Samsung WEP-470 is a great value.


My hubby is a huge technology and information gadget guy, so when he saw these at huge discount on an online website, he bought us both one since we drive on bases often and cannot use our cell phones while operating a motor vehicle on base property.  The sound on these is good, I could tell my hubby wasnt' on his phone on the 'maiden call', but that was just because I was expecting it so I knew to be critical of the quality.  This particular headset claims to be wonderful about reducing background noise, and while it is MUCH better than the other two my husband has tried, it did still have a little problem with being too loud when a few of his Army buddies were around his bunk.  The voice quality is good, a tiny bit muffled, but overall it's good.  He said there were some settings he needed to check into and he wanted to read the book to see what he could adjust but he liked the way it fit and how it sounded on him. For the price, I definitely recommend this little headset!

Shawnee, OK


easy to use wep-470


Bluetooth audio devices are a must-to-have gadget nowadays. especially some states require you must use a hands-free device to answer a phone while you are driving.  This little guy is very battery-friendly and can last for a long time on a single charge. the voice quality is crystal clear, which is even better than my cellphone itself.... it's easy to pair this guy with your cellphone and only takes two minutes to do so.  The ear hook is comfortable to wear, you don't have to worry it will fall off while you are working orr with your hands full.  The only thing, I don't know if it's a bluetooth problem with my cell phone or the headset, sometimes it seems to be connected, yet I couldn't hear any thing on either my phone or the headset.  I need to reboot my phone, and all of sudden, it works again.  It's recommended to have this on your head when you are driving long distance, which helps a lot.

Carrboro, NC


Makes talking hands-free simple


For as long as landline phones have had a headset jack, I have always loved having the ability to talk on the phone while not actually holding the phone up to my ear.  No, its not just a lazy thing.  When I have a short quick conversation, I will just talk on the phone normally.  But there are times when I want to catch up with a friend which often takes at least an hour (usually more) so I like to be hands free so I can maybe clean up or do something on my computer.  It certainly makes cleaning your room more tolerable if you can talk to a friend at the same time. Some of my headsets for landline phones would work with earlier cell phones (when there was a physical jack) but now those are hard to find.  I have the Samsung Reality, and unless I could find a usb style jack headset, then wireless is the way to go.  I bought the Samsung WEP-470 Bluetooth Headset for my previous phone, the Samsung SGH-T339.  Luckily, I ended up with another Samsung phone after that, so the transition was very easy. For the Samsung Reality, you just open the Bluetooth menu, set the Bluetooth headset to search mode, search with your phone, and they will synch automatically.  My phone keeps it saved in the menu, so I just have to turn on Bluetooth on my phone and turn on my headset and it'll synch automatically. It seems to be very good quality.  The person on the other end can hear me, and the only time there is interference is when there is a poor signal (which is not of fault to the headset).  To answer or hang up a call, you just push the phone button.  You can turn the volume up or down and check the battery by pressing volume down and phone at the same time (I believe, its all in the instructions).  The battery life is surprisingly good.  When not using it, it'll keep a charge for a while, and it'll last for quite a bit of talk time. I got a really good deal on this headset, and its my first bluetooth, but that being the case, I am very pleased.  I can talk on the phone easy, or if I'm driving long distance I can answer calls safely.  I definitely have no complaints about this headset.

Utica, NY


Samsung - WEP-470 Bluetooth Headset

4.8 4