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Samsung Bluetooth Headset

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Bluetooth Samsung Headset


I found the Samsung Headset HM1000 on line for a great price and it was available with a rebate.  The headset was easy to sync with my phone and was working within seconds of getting it out of the package.  It fits the ear easily and works great.  There is no gap in the speech from phone to phone.  Guests on the other line can not tell the difference between headset and phone.  I would recommend this product for anyone looking for a user friendly headset.

Bristow, VA


Samsung HM1000 is a decent headset


I bought the Samsung HM 1000 headset and it was almost free after rebate (had to pay the shipping cost).   I do think the voice quality could be better but aside from that it's been a good headset.  It's lasted a very long time on a single charge (I've used it on several 2 hr long conversations and haven't needed to recharge it once yet).  I also wish it was better conformed to my ear.  Although it has yet to fall off accidentally, I feel like it will at an given moment.  The plastic piece around the ear is fairly flimsy so it'd be nice to have something slightly more sturdy.  I'm not a big bluetooth headset user but it is really handy for when I don't want to hold a phone and am doing things around the house...it gives me the capability to talk and get things accomplished.  It did come with various plastic and rubber earpieces which I am unsure of their purpose.  I checked the manuel but was still confused but for the price, it is hard to beat it.

Los Angeles, CA


Samsung Bluetooth Headset

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