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Purity Products, Triple Greens, 410.4 G (14.48 Oz)

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2015 Product is not the same as 2011 product, Don't buy!


June 4, 2015 Dear Purity Products, What a disappointment it was on the first sip of your Triple Greens that we tasted an unusual sweet-sour flavor. Upon looking at the label, we discovered "new apple flavor." Upon further examination, several of the ingredients are missing or reduced and have been replaced by cheaper substitutes. The container also contains less product, (by 46 grams) and "heaping tablespoon" has been redefined. How exactly is you average customer suppose to reduce a heaping tablespoon by 1.52 grams? Double the fat, more sugar, more filler, less product. No barley greens, no spinach greens. Which is what gave triple greens its VALUE in the leafy green component and the "5000+ Oxygen radical absorbance capacity." "Greens" have been replaced with Blueberry powder, cauliflower, and broccoli. I'm sorry to say as a user since around 2003, you have lost my business. Your manufacturer's "UPGRADE" is an upgrade to their and your bank account and not an "improved formula." Congratulations on joining the greedy corporate mentality of profit over product. What you did to us was "bait and switch" the product. We am returning your product for a full refund.



Purity Triple Greens or Perfect Multi Greens


I have not used the Tripple Greens but chose Purity Perfect Multi Greens and think I have found an even better Purity Product. If you are one of us humans that do not eat enough Green Veggies or the recommendeddaily allowance of nutrients you should try PURITY PERFECT GREENS.It contains Pharmaceutical Grade ingredients-but cost much less than other comparable supplements.  I have always been hesitant and hardheaded about ingesting multi-vitamins, thinking I eat healthy and did not need them. Just after a recent yearly physical including bloodwork I was told I should begin taking supplements.After two weeks I already feel more energy and have brighter eyes and clear thinking.There is no way a person can consume the recommended SEVEN SERVINGS of dark green veggies per day without this supplement. There are too many Vitamins andMinerals to list here-it also contains berries, fruits and other veggies. PURITY PRODUCTS are fantastic, affordable and easy to order on the internet. Always consult with your physician before you ingest any over the counter supplements.

Deland, FL


Purity's Organic Triple Greens - the best Green Drink out there


The reason why I claim that Purity's Organic Triple Greens is the best green drink out there is that I've tried four other green drinks out there on the market and this one blows them away. First of all - it is *all* organic, which can be hard to find sometimes, second, you can actually mix this one and it mixes in with the water or juice or whatever you put yours in...all the other ones the powder just sits on top or clumps together and does not blend, and third this one tastes great....all the other tasted like I was eating my front lawn. It tastes yummy...comparitively...the difference is this one has fruit in it as well to cover up the green vegetable taste. This could be a negative for some, but at least all the ingrediants are very healthy...Purity has got some great products out there for a variety of powered drinks. I used to hate how my I used to have to keep shaking and stirring my other green drinks and this one...no problem mixes up....not completely....but I doubt any of them will blend completley together - they will all somewhat emulsify.

Alachua, FL


Purity Products, Triple Greens, 410.4 G (14.48 Oz)

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