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Power Windows and Siding
Power Windows and Siding Vinyl Replacement Windows

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Expensive but definitely a worthwhile product


I just had a PWS (now Power home remodeling group) window installed, it is a sliding glass door, approximately 6ft long and windows of this size with any effiency rating worth mentioning tend to run 2-4k. PWS came in around the middle of that range and while the sales ptich was long winded to say the least and a bit bull headed with the method of delivery (you could not rush this guy, either you had to sit through the whole thing or throw him out) it was at least a bit informative. PWS only sells one model of windows, and they are about the highest rated efficiency windows available so you can definitely spend less, but you will also get less... We agreed on a purchase/financing and within about 6 weeks they were out to do the install. This was actually pretty cool to watch, as 3 guys (one supervising so really two guys) proceeded to efficiently rip out the old window without breaking it, cleaning up the mess as they went (they put down thier own drop cloths from the front door to the window too). They carried out the old window (sliding door so really two large panes of glass) with ease and then almost broke thier backs carrying the new window in. it was heavy as hell compared to the old one so I felt pretty good about it right then :D. They then deftly mounted it, filled the area around the frame with insulation and built an aluminum shim to cover the outside sill which was formerlly wood (they do the whole install from the outside, so they dont tear up your walls on the inside). Start to finish they did the whole thing in under 2 hours (showed up ontime too). That night a rep came back out to verify we were satisfied, answer any more questions and made another pitch to sell us some more (which we bit on cause the price was pretty good compared to what we just paid). All in all, I'm pleased with the product, installation and the company. No hidden fees (so far) and no reason to think any are coming...I expected some possible shens about increased installation cost when they came out but none of that. Finally, dont fall for the "first visit offer" where they lower the price if you commit right then, trust me any sales guy with any experience will give you that price anytime as long as you tell him its the only way you will do business.


Randallstown, MD


Great windows, terrible sales process


I read reviews about the company and I would have to agree with many of the comments made by other PW&S customers. I dealt with the sales rep. He did know his stuff, but it took way too long to get to the price and work the price down to an acceptable level. The great part is the windows and installers. Dan was the project lead on the windows and his team was fantastic. They were in and out in 2 days as they stated. They were very respectful of our house and took pride in their work. They vacuumed up every room and even dust mopped our wood floors where they had installed windows. I was really impressed with their attention to detail. If you can make it through the sales pitch, you will be exceptionally happy with the final result. I would recommend getting 2 other quotes from other places to have as a trump card in negotiating the price. The windows have been installed for 3 days now, and I am so happy we bought them. The difference in room tempature in just shocking. I didn't think windows could make that big of a difference and I guess my old ones, which were only 10 years old, were that bad. Best of luck!


Burlington, NJ


Hands down, the best remodeling job I've ever had done


A wonderful job, done extremely professionally. The crew (headed by Mike Frank) were the most pleasant, hard working, and professional men I've ever encountered in all the home improvements I've had over the years. The three gentleman were so polite, neat, and conscientious. I was amazed how they kept from making more mess than necessary, didn't drag dirt inside my home, and thorough with their cleanup. It was a pleasure having Mike and the others in my home and installing my new windows on such a nasty, cold day. Power Windows and Siding should be commended for their attention to detail and the highest rating of customer service.


Philadelphia, PA


I recommend this company to anyone who needs windows


I bought windows in April from Power Windows and Siding and they were installed a couple of weeks ago.  Caroline Walker was my representative she was very knowledgeable and answered all of the questions my son and I had.  Pat and his guys installed my windows  and they were fantastic from start to finish.  We are happy with the windows and I recommend Power Windows and Siding to anyone who needs windows.


Freehold, NJ


Love the windows but the company is a pain to deal with


Last year my husband and I decided to replace three large windows in our stairwell.  We had three different companies come out to give us an estimate and had narrowed it down to two.  Both companies had their plus sides and negatives but in the end we decided to go with Power Windows and Siding, even after a somewhat "messy" presentation.  The salesman that came to our home was new.  While he was doing his demonstration he was pounding the sample window down on board with a huge nail in it to show that the glass is near impossible to break. "Near" being the key word.  The window shattered and glass went everywhere!  Well, at least he proved the point that the glass shatters like safety glass and doesn't break into sharp shards :)  Anyway.... the men came to get exact measurements and 6 weeks later my windows were ready to be installed.  The installers ripped out my old aluminum windows leaving a 15ft whole in the side of my house only to find that the guy who originally came to measure the windows, wrote the measurements down incorrectly!  The new windows didn't fit!  You would think they would measure once again before ripping out the old windows!  They ended up having to put my old windows back in, but they were so warpped by this point that there was a three inch gap at the very top. It was July at this point so all the cool air from my air conditioner was litterally going out the window.  I was told the new windows would take another 2 weeks.  Four weeks later, after making a ton of phone calls, the new windows were finally in.  It took all day.  Once the installers were gone, I had a better chance to inspect the work.  One of the windows was damaged on the inside...the insulation between the panes looked like swiss cheese.  I called to inquire and was told that it could be a problem so they would replace.  The tech came out and found that the problem was actually in two of the three windows (the windows are positioned in such a way that I didn't notice the second damaged one because I'd need a ladder to inspect it).  Two weeks later the 2nd replacements come.  Low and behold, they drilled the track holes on the wrong side of the window!  They fixed it on the spot though and finally everything is great.  We love the windows but we will never contract this company again.


Bensalem, PA


Honesty, integrity and confidence was well portrayed!


 We enjoyed having Timothy at our house to help us go thru what we are looking for and what we may or may not need. I just want to say thank you to him and you for providing superior customer service and information to us.    My wife and I are not sure if or when we plan on getting our siding done on our house.  If we decide not to do anything yet it has nothing to do with Timothy and more to do with our current financial situation also to factor in the recent flooding issues that recently struck our neighborhood.   But be confident that we will recommend anyone we know that is in the market to Timothy and your company.   Again I would like to offer our thanks to the excellent customer service that Timothy provided with quick and informative answers in a very warm and friendly manner.  Just with his type of personality in your operation can set your company apart from the competition!  With those who complain about the time the presentation took, its all a matter of opinion.  Our time was well spent learning about the company, sales rep, work force, products used and prior to all that letting the sales rep ask us questions to get to know us better.  Getting to know your customer better will always help you fill their needs to every aspect of their shopping experience ;whether it is a car , tv,  refrigerator or siding/windows.  Keep up the good work and I will be in touch with referrals!   Paul Manville NJ  


Manville, NJ


Horrible Experiece..Caution


This has been an AWFUL experience to say the least with this company. I have never seen such questionable work ethic in my life. There salesperson speak to you for hours and once your credit worthy the drama starts. The calls and harassment are unlike anything I have seen or heard of. Once your credit is good they take the green light to make there own financing arrangements outside of what you discussed. I found most of this expereince to be simply unbelievable, but I must say they are proof of the type of company you should "stay away" from. I regret the day we opened our door to a " representative simpy in the area" You live and you learn but work ethic snd professional services they are lacking! Beware Beware Beware!!!!!!


Teaneck, NJ




Someone from Power Windows and Siding knocked on my door a couple of months ago.  They said they were going around to houses in the neighborhood because one of my neighbors recently had work done by them.  I was a little skeptical about this at first but I had heard of them before and was in need of a front door so I took the information and set an appointment for someone to come out and give me a price.  Mike, the man that came out was very nice and went over the different options with me.  The door was installed a couple of weeks ago and it is definitely a sturdier door than I had before and it looks great too. I will definitely call Power Windows when I'm ready to get my windows replaced.  


Lafayette Hill, PA


Would be happy to recommend to anyone


Power Windows and Siding replaced 17 windows windows in our home.  The three gentleman that came were truly fine representatives of the company and it was a pleasure to have them work at our house all day long.  They arrived on time, were courteous and polite.  They spent a long, hard day doing the job; they knew what they were doing and went about doing it in a steady manner.  One of the gentleman had the arduous task of installing a smaller cellar window which also vented the dryer.  The factory had made the window smaller so the vent could be installed in the other part of the window frame.  This gentleman sized up the operation, made the additional frame for the vent with wood he had brought,fitted it in and painted that piece.  He did a terrific job.  The installers put down drop cloths to cover the rugs near the windows they were removing and when they were done, cleaned up and vacuumed everywhere they had worked.  They were equally thorough outside, there wasn't a trace of any old window when they were done.  The only indication that they were there were our shiny new windows and the Power Windows and Siding sign in the front yard.  We are more than satisfied with the job they did; if every company had hard-working, diligent workers who knew what they were doing and did it like these three installers, companies would indeed have sterling reputations.  We would be happy to recommend Power Windows to anyone.


Bethesda, MD


Power Windows and Siding Vinyl Replacement Windows

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