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Pella Architect Series Windows

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Pella Architect Series Windows


Please avoid Pella Architect Series windows to save your family months and/or years of pain. Our home has over 45 Architect Series dougle hung windows installed in the last 3 years that leak water when it rains. You need to do your research to see just how many other familys have been effected by their poor decision to purchase from Pella. Our windows do not latch, so it is impossible to secure our home. We have a mold problem because of the water. Pella refuses to address the problems. They just simply do not care! Do your research!


Moravia, IA


pella windows are excellent products that save you money


Recently a friend and I were starting the remodeling of his home and he wanted to replace the worn wood windows in his "castle" him and his wife were discussing windows and I brought up the pella window and told them about using this product a lot in the past and described the r-value system to them along with the insulated glass versus the single pane window and heat loss they seemed to be more excited about the product and decided to use it. around two months after the remodeling I got a phone call saying how happy they were with the remodeling and the choice of the windows I asked them what was there best choice of words about there windows and they responded that they were very happy with it becouse it cut there heating bill in half...Thank you pella for making their house a castle..


Council Bluffs, IA


Great product


Architect series windows are a great product. It's a bit difficult to use the clips to tilt windows in to clean. Vivid view screens are extremely fragile, but truly are invisible. Metal clips on screen must be used carefully or they can tear screen if any attempt is made to close clips from outside of window, which they are not meant to do anyway. Windows seem to be very efficient and reduce outside noise. Pella stands behind their product. Great selection of windows and features.


Dawsonville, GA


Pella Architect Series Windows

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