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Plantronics - Bluetooth Headset Wireless Headset

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The volume on the Plantronics Explorer 220 is so low that I can hardly hear the other party. I've read some very positive reviews about this product (which is why I bought it) and, based on my experience with it, one has to wonder, WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?!?!?! The headset fits very loosely which makes the volume seem even lower. And because the fit is not secure, it's extremely uncomfortable. I've tried to raise the volume to no avail. I've had a Motorola bluetooth headset for two years (my second one) and only now have I started to have issues w/it. The Plantronics Explorer 220 is inexpensive compared to other headsets, but, in my view, a total waste of money at any price. Absolutely worthless.

Brooklyn, NY


Discretly fits in the ear and offers CLEAR sound!


I went through a couple of different models and this one turned out to the best for me. I have small ears and other devices did not fit properly. The Plantronics  200 Bluetooth Headset fits perfectly and stays in place. The sound is clear on both ends. I charge it at night and it holds the charge all day and into the night. This is a really good product and I would definitely recommend it to others. I actually bought one as a present for my daughter and she too was very pleased.

Maggie Valley, NC


inexpensive, but great quality


Have had my Plantronics Explorer 220 bluetooth headset for about a week, and I love it.  Every bit as good as more expensive bluetooth headsets, yet it was the most inexpensive one at Walmart!!!  The only thing I can say even slightly negative about it is that the earpiece doesn't fit around my ear just right and my ear gets sore after several hours of wearing it at work, but maybe my ear is crooked!!

Corydon, IN


I had one of these, but it didn't last very long.


I got one of these over a year ago now, it worked very well and is easy to use. My problem with it was the durability of the Plantronics 220. It barely lasted me a year and when it died I was told it was not fixable. I tried to get a new one but the only ones available were refurbished units. Funny they couldn't fix mine but they can refurbish others? Very similar to this one is the Plantronics 330 which I was told was the replacement for the 220. Being Bluetooth is still in its infancy I opted for new rather than refurbished and I have not been disappointed in the 330 they offer. Refurbished these are almost as much as a new 330.One push of the button answers calls, or activates the voice dial function. It is easy on the ear and switches too eoter left or right in about 5 seconds. Charge time is very good and once a day will usually keep it going for you.    **Bottom Line    **Although the Plantronics 220 is a good buy I would think they would last more than a year. It got to where I could hear them, but they could not hear me. If your into refurbished then this would be okay for you. This unit was replaced by the 330 and I wrote a review on it and am very pleased with it.

Vincennes, IN


Plantronics - Bluetooth Headset Wireless Headset

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