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Passport America

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I got a $24.00 discount with my Passport in America


**To the Point**Passport America is similar to Coast to Coast. Essentially any campground that participated in the Passport America program will cost you 50% less than the regular price.**A Closer View**Passport America $44.00 a year is involved with over 1400 campgrounds throughout the United States.One campground in which we stayed for example cost us $24.00 rather than the regular price of $48.00. For each new member you refer you get $10.00. For each campground you refer that joins you get $50. As a member you'll get an International Camping Directory and a newsletter with updates and events. **Jo's ViewpointI like it!**The picture is of the swimming pool at Camp Sandusky (reviewed) which was a Passport America campground. ****

Plymouth, MA


Passport America

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