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Pandigital 7-inch Digital Photo Frame

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good value


You can buy more expensive digital photo frames with more extras, but if you want a frame that has your digital pictures rotating throughout the day this is a good purchase. The price is extremely reasonable and the product is easy to use. It is a great addition to the decorating already in my home!



Nice extras!


Received as a gift, we now have this digital photo frame in use in our home.  While it is not the top line model, it is a nice little frame.  It has the ability to display a slideshow of photos or a calendar with smaller photos rotating.  Able to be programmed to turn on and off at desired times, both for week days and weekends, the feature adds a energy saving portion for people who are away from home during the work week.  Photos can be uploaded by plugging the frame into the computer via a provided USB cord, or by inserting a camera's storage disk into a slot on the frame.  A remote is provided with the frame so menus and programming can be done either by pushing buttons on the frame or from the remote.  A magnet is enclosed in the photo frame case and the back of the remote for storage and loss prevention.  An extendable leg allows the frame to either be hung or set on a table top.  Viewing screen is more like a 3x5 than 5x7 as a few inches is matting that can be changed to either white or black (both provided).  Overall, a nice little frame with some nice features.

Hopkins, MI


Great Digital Picture Frame


I did a lot of research before deciding to buy the Pandigital 7-inch Digital Photo Frame. I wanted a digital picture frame that was inexpensive, but still have a lot of extra features. I have been very pleased with my purchase. It is very easy to upload pictures to this picture frame. I love that it has internal memory, instead of having to to keep a memory card in it at all times. I also like that you can play music on it. My favorite thing about the Pandigital 7-inch Digital Photo Frame is that you can connect to the internet. I loved being about to get on my photo website and upload those pictures. The only thing that I do not like is that when I rotate a picture from landscape to portrait it cuts off part of the picture.

Raleigh, NC


Love my Digital Picture Frame!


I decided to buy a digital picture frame and went off the options available as well as reviews available on the ones current in the market.  I went with the Pandigtial model Pan7000DW.  It is a 7 inch viewing frame, in black. The LCD display is truly amazing.  I was worried about picture distortion, but there is none with this digital photo frame.  It has 1GB memory built in.  It also works with a card reader, such as Ms-Pro, SD, and MS types as well.  Just insert and it will play with them.  It includes an alarm with clock, with a timer, and plays music files as well.  It has wireless capabilities, which I have not utilized yet, and can not review, although I will soon.   The frame itself is not very heavy, as it claims to weight three lbs or less, although I think it weighs less.  It goes great with the decor I have in any room.  It looks very professional and I am quite pleased with the outward design.  We have not yet utilized the greeting card function, but appears to be very easy to personalize any picture.  It has audio out port, along with its built in speakers which sound just fine, so any music or audio files you upload will sound just great.  You can add effects between photos if you wish, although I have not done so, and it seems easy enough.  I prefer to upload my favorite songs and let those play in the background and let the picture slideshow just change at normal play.  It does have remote that is easy to work and we have not had any issues with it to date.  Just simple and plain enough for us to follow.  We have approximately 4,000 (high resolution) pictures in the memory of our frame, along with 6 songs, and have plenty of memory left over.  I did have to name each picture to keep the pictures showing in alignment of when they were taken.  Not an issue with me, but do wish it would recognize the date in which the picture was taken.  The software is easy to use, with options that are easy to understand and utilize.  From my experience, I would highly recommend this Pandigital Digital Photo Frame for anyone needing an easy to use, upload and arrangement of photos.  Adding music is easy and it will run in the background as the slideshow of your pictures are played.  It is easy to delete any photo and music file, which is a big plus.  Due to the high price of some models out there, I would highly recommend this digital photo frame to anyone desiring ease of use, memory alloted on internal memory and price of the unit.  I have had zero problems with it, and could not be happier!

Dothan, AL


My new Pandigital Picture Frame is so easy to use!


I just received the 7inch Pandigital Picture Frame as a birthday present.  My husband did a lot of research on various features, sizes and brands before he settled on the Pandigital.  As advertised it is very easy to set up and use.  The picture is outstanding. The frame comes with two interchangeable mats (easily done), a remote control, usb cable and power supply.  It has 1 GB internal memory which allows storage of up to 6400 images.  You can transfer images via the cable from your computer or camera, by a usb flash drive or any of the standard memory cards.  The menu is fairly easy to use.  One feature that I have not seen before is a magnetic spot on the back of the frame that corresponds with the remote.  This allows you to store the remote right on the back of the frame so it doesn't get lost.  The only con I have so far is that the remote seems to need to be pretty close to the frame to work.  All in all I am happy with the product.

Torrance, CA


Pandigital 7-inch Digital Photo Frame

4.2 5