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Pandigital 6-Inch Digital Photo Frame

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Pitcure Perfect


The size of the frame is perfect, not so large that it is distracting.  I was thrilled to learn that the memory card from my digital camera is the same one that fits into the memory slot of this frame.  With a few clicks, I added mp3 music to the memory card, put it into the frame and what a beautiful slide show to watch and listen to.

Richmond, VA


You'll love displaying your pictures on the Pandigital Frame.


You'll love displaying all you family and vacation pictures on the PandigitalJackson Digital Frame - Black (6").  The frame is a bit small but the quality of the picture is displays is excellent.  There is room to store about 500 photos on the frame itself.  There is also an expansion slot where you can put an SD memory card.  This was convenient since this is the same memory card my camera takes.  I did have some difficulty hooking the picture frame up to the computer using the USB cable.  Seems like my computer would not recognize the frame.  You are able to copy the pictures from the memory card to the frames memory though.  It also is able to play MP3 music while scrolling through the pictures.  (I haven't been able to figure out how to do that though.)  The frame isn't very user friendly for the non computer geek.  It also has a small remote control that allows you to rewind or fast forward through the pictures. 

Mechanicsburg, PA


looking for a bargain


About the Pandigital 6.0 inch digital photo frame. This is a great gift for the grandparent that lives out of town.  I downloaded the information onto the frame, mailed it to him and all he had to do was turn it on and enjoy. This is great for someone not very technically inclined or does not have a computer. Very cost worthy and great for someone that has everything already.  They don't have these pictures. All I have to do is send another camera card for him to change when I make new pictures.  Not necessary to have a computer or computer knowledge. I would highly recommed purchasing for Christmas  I will purcase again

Hogansville, GA


Best birthday present I have ever had


The Pandigital Photo Frame , Model PAN7001W01T, is a great item. We loaded it from our memory card with pictures of our grandson, who lives about 25 miles away, and with pictures of our only granddaughter, who lives in Arizona, and whom we don't get to see very often. This product is very easy to load, is great for people who are not experts in the field of technology, does not require a computer, is easy to use, and comes with its own remote, which is great!  Sometimes we have the frame here in the office, and sometimes we have it scrolling in the family room. Wherever we are, it is. This Pandigital photo frame plays music, and digital videos without a computer. This frame has function controls on it,  or use the remote. This frame is easy to clean. This photo frame would make an excellent gift for anyone, especially grandparents, and is even more delightful if pre-loaded for them. Just remember, it is for indoor use only.

Jefferson, GA


Pandigital 6-Inch Digital Photo Frame

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