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KODAK EASYSHARE P730m Digital Frame (8395881)

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Kodak Digital Frame is a nice frame and a good value


This Kodak 7" frame is a good value for people looking for a small desktop digital frame. It's pretty easy to use, and has a sharp bright display. Like other digital frames it is  flexible in terms of storage because photos can be shown directly from a memory card or moved to internal memory. I like this frame because it looks like it has a white matte around the pictures. It makes it look a bit nicer than other digital frames that take up the whole frame.Some pictures did show up rotated. In thumbnail view, they display correctly but were rotated when played. Customer support said to rotate them on a PC or send the frame back for a replacement. I just kept the frame and rotated the pictures, not a big deal, but an extra step.  Overall, this Kodak P730 is a decent choice If you don't need a huge display, music or videos, and want to stay on the small side. Not too expensive, but the thing I like most is the look of the frame.

Wilmington, MA


Crisp, Clear, and Beautiful Photos!


I love this frame!  It has absolutely beautiful image quality, I compared it to several competitors on display at the store.  The kodak images are just so much brighter.  The store salesperson said it is becuase they are backlit.  There is a button at the top that change the view modes, so it can show just one photo, a collage of 5 photos, or a split screen of either a photo and a clock or a photo and a calendar.  I love putting it in the calendar mode, because I don't have a lot of space on my desk so it serves two purposes.  It holds 4000 photos, which sounds like a lot for 512 MB, but it has a software on it that compresses the photos to a smaller size that looks great on the frame but takes up less space than the original files.  I haven't installed any software on my computer, I just put photos on my frame with a memory card.  It also takes a USB stick but I haven't tried that.  The price is awesome, would make a great gift!

Mount Vernon, WA


THe Kodak EasyShare Digital Frame is great!


I really love the Kodak Easy Share Digital Frame. It is a great way to look at a lot of pictures and only have 1 frame to have out. It definitely keeps down the clutter. I love that the pictures are clean and crisp. I love that the picture is big and I can see details. I love that the screen is a touch screen and there is also a remote. I really like that there is internal memory and that I don't have to keep a memory stick inside it. I love that the pictures change all the time and that I can can control how fast that they change or how slow. I really like that the Kodak Easy Share Digital Frame is so easy anyone can use it. I love the color of the wood that is the frame. I really love this product. It is great. I love that there is a remote so when I walk in the door I can turn it on and look at all my great pictures. I really, really love this frame. I think that anyone who gets this frame will love it too.

Milo, IA


Kodak EasyShare P730 Digital Frame Is Awesome!


I received the Kodak EasyShare P730 Digital Frame for Christmas and just love it!  The pictures have great clarity and is so enjoyable to sit by the computer and view my favorite shots.  It is a 7" frame with LCD high resolution; quick touch border with motion sensor; plug & play - insert memory card or USB flash drive; 512MB internal memory - stores up to 4,000 pictures; quickly change viewing modes with just a touch; browse pictures easily with the Quick Touch Border; 15:9 wide screen format; pictures automatically resized to maximize the number of pictures that will fit into your frame; compatible with SD/SDHC, MMC, xD, Memory Stick, Memory Stick duo, Memory Stick Pro duo, & USB flash drives; slideshow will start immediately after you insert your memory card or USB flash drive; 4 different viewing modes of collage, full screen, clock & date with single picture or calendar & time with single picture; many additional features such as multi-select, copy, thumbnails, rotate, delete, picture duration, types of transitions, shuffle, slide show starting point, brightness, frame orientation, automatic resizing, etc.  The only minor complaint I may have is that you need to get on-line for full text instructions.  They only include a quick reference guide.  I have wanted one of these for a couple of years and feel my husband made an excellent choice.  Check it out for yourself on the Kodak website or at a local store. 

Oxford, OH


KODAK EASYSHARE P730m Digital Frame (8395881)

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