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NordicTrack Elite
NordicTrack Elite 4.4 Upright Cycle





4.4 Exercise Bike

Fully Adjustable for More Comfort

Total adjustability brings a customized fit and feel to your workout on the Elite 4.4 exercise bike. Put the airflow of the workout fan and the information on the display in the right place with an adjustable console angle. Every user in your household will find a custom fit. The oversized seat adjusts up and down and front to back for the right fit and feel. And, the AutoBreeze™ workout fan adjusts automatically to your workout speed for the perfect amount of cooling comfort.


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Simple Design, But Effective


The Nordic track Elite Upright Cycle, is probably my favorite stationary cycle that I have ever owned for personal use. This cycle has a very simple design (which I love), but has enough features to challenge the novice all the way up to experienced. The seat is positioned to simulate a bicycle, and it is easily adjustable to suit your height preferences. The cushion of the seat is also nicely sized and features enough fluff to make it very comfortable during longer sessions. The digital pad located in the middle of the handle bars is very easy to customize. You can set paths to challenge you in various ways. There are options that allow the user to simulate going up hill, timed laps, calories burned, and even options to measure your heart rate. The pedals are positioned very comfortably, and are fabricated to keep the user from losing their footing while going at faster speeds. Overall this is a great durable piece of exercise equipment.



Too Upright


I first bought the Nordic Track Elite 4.4 Upright Cycle to complement the work I was doing in my cycling classes at the gym. I think it would have been a better fit for Mary Poppins and her upright riding posture. I have ridden bikes that demand this extreme upright position, and while they may be great for some, they don't fit my training style. The upright nature of this bike does a good job of reminding me to exercise good posture and engage my core. However, it does not allow me to buckle down for a tough ride. The programs are fine and easy to use; the bike does have a smooth ride and is well-made, but again, it depends on your purposes as to whether or not this would be a good purchase for you. You can't really stand or hover on this bike, which to me, limits my speed and body position changes. To get more burn in my legs, I simply have to crank up the resistance. For a beginner or someone rehabbing an injury, this bike could be a great fit.



NordicTrack Elite 4.4 Upright Cycle

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