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Newmark Adrenal Balance 60 Softgels

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Stress relief, evens out energy levels


A combination of herbal supplements that my acupuncturist prescribed to me when I was going through particularly difficult times dealing with law school and other stressful family experiences. I felt very sluggish all the time, and constantly tired, despite trying to change a lot of self-destructive habits. After getting admonished for having an unhealthy lifestyle given my diet and constant stress, the doctor had me make a change and told me that the product here was for the purposes of recovery from the stress and helping my body deal with it, but it would be ineffective if I was constantly doing destructive things to the body. Taking the supplement isn't a magical cure; while I can't say that it's like an energy boost feeling similar after drinking coffee or an energy drink, there's also no mid-afternoon crash like I would feel when I was dependant on caffeine to keep me going. I do feel that the supplements even out my energy levels so that I don't need to take an energy drink or coffee in order to stay awake and focused. Instead of feeling completely drained when stressed out, and unable to do other things, I feel less drained now while taking the supplement, and also do not crave "stress foods" like sugar and caffeine immediately after dealing with stressful situations.  There's 60 in a bottle, and you're supposed to take one after a meal, twice a day, so it's generally a 30 day supply. It does help significantly in a transition towards a healthier lifestyle.


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Newmark Adrenal Balance 60 Softgels

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