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Nature Made
Nature Made L-Lysine 500 mg Tablets

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Very helpful for Cold Sores.


Nature Made L Lysine is a lifesaver when I have a cold sore. At the first feel of a cold sore coming on, I take 2 every couple of hours. Nature Made L Lysine helps my cold sore go away faster. It helps me to have relief from the burning pain. I have had cold sores and been out of my Nature Made L Lysine. It is a sad day. I know getting a cold sore without having my Nature Made L Lysine that my cold sore will last longer and will be more painful. There may be more uses for Nature Mades L Lysine but for me it is to relieve and get rid of cold sores. I get cold sores on a regular basis. I had a friend tell me about Nature Made L Lysine and I am so glad she did. I keep it on hand at my house now. The only time I end up without it now is when I go on a trip and I have forgotten to pack it. I need to get a bottle to keep in my suitcase. That way I will always have it available. It works so well that it would be worth it. I recommend Nature Made L Lysine to friends and I recommend it to you.



Nature Made L-Lysine 500 mg Tablets

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