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Motorola - HEADSET/MOTO BT HEADSET Bluetooth

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Excellent quality, not made for small ears


Headset is a good quality product.  Bought it during the day after Thanksgiving sales, so price was excellent after mail-in rebate.  The only drawback is that my ear seems to be too small for the headset.  I have to position it just right for it to stay on.  I did find that switching to my left ear helps to keep it on better.  Headset is very comfortable on the ear.

Malden, MA


Easy to use, great sound 99% of the time.


This product is a very easy to use product. It is perfect for the hands free type of individual. I have had my bluetooth for about 3 months and have only had about 10 dropped calls. The clarity is good normally, only a small percentage of the sound quality is bad. I would recommend this bluetooth to everyone. It is low cost and does the job.

Hartford, CT


My Motorola Bluetooth works well - good sound quality.


I have a Motorola Headset/Moto BT HeadSet H12 Bluetooth, and I have no problems with it. The sound quality is excellent. The Motorola H12 is equipped with dual microphone noise cancellation technology to give you good sound quality. I use my Bluetooth especially when I am at home and when I get a phone call and need to get things done around the house. The only thing that I would like to see changed would be a much more comfortable earpiece--the one that goes into your ear. After I wear the Bluetooth for some time, it tends to become uncomfortable. The piece that goes around the outside of the ear is very comfortable and does not cause any discomfort. As long as the Bluetooth is turned off between calls, the battery lasts for a good length of time. When it does need to be charged, it only takes a short time--between half an hour and an hour--and you are good to go. As the Bluetooth is a headset, it does not cause calls to be dropped nor does it contribute to poor sending or poor reception of sound; these are problems that are incurred with either your wireless network or your cell phone. I have absolutely no distortion of sound, and I am pleased with my Motorola H12 Bluetooth.

small town, OH


Sounds great on my end but not on others


I just got a motorola bluetooth set for my krazer k1m and it sounds great  and you can here the person on the othe end real clear but for some reason they can't understand me very well or understand what i'm saying. I've called several friends and family using it and they have all requested I call them back on a normal phone as they can't understand what i am saying. I also have problems keeping it on my ear if I don't hold my head perfectly upright it trys to fall off and I have to hold it. It is suppose to hook on your ear but my ear is shaped different than it is so it won't actually hang on it real well. 

Byron, GA


Motorola Headseat is not worth the money!


My husband has the Motorola Headseat and one day i used it. It was on for about 20 minutes and then the battery was low! I had charged it the whole night before and not even like that it lasted.. Plus the earpiece makes my ear hurt after a while of having it on. wont recommend it! It's a waste of money!

Sacramento, CA


motorola heatset is perfect


i love this blue tooth because its design is just great i love the charger how you basically just lay the blue tooth on it. it is very light weight maybe even too light weight because at times i forgot i had it on and almost took a shower with it on also went to bed with it on ofcourse then i felt it. i can move my head without trying to move it cautiously because it is really snug on my ear. i think it is the sound quality is amazing and i have asked the person on the other end how i sound if im coming in clear and they say very clear that sometimes even clearer than when i did not have it on. i love the color and ofcourse the motorolla little logo on the front is not too big. i loved this so much i bought one for my brother and i also bought one for my husband. i think that it is smaller then other blue toothes i have had also but is a very high quality one.  i think that definiflty will keep this one for a long time i dont think im buying a different bluetooth for a long time. love love! 

San Diego, CA


Motorola - HEADSET/MOTO BT HEADSET Bluetooth

3.5 6