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Mongoose 20-inch Boys' "Outer Limit" BMX Racing Bike

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Great for a beginner


Ho, Ho, Ho.... Christmas morning at our house included a Mongoose 2-inch boys "Outer Limit" BMX racing bike!  My 6-year-old was so excited to see the box containing the blue and silver beauty sitting in our living room with the best accessory... pegs!  His eyes were as bigs as Ralphies when he got the Red Rider BB Gun.  It was the perfect color.  It was the perfect size.  Thats when I realized.... there were no coaster brakes.  Ok.  Onward and upward.  We were not going to let that ruin our Christmas morning.  After all the other gifts were opened and put away, we made a huge spot in the living room for Daddy and the boy to put together is first "real" bike.  His first Mongoose.  All of his friends had one this past summer.  It was the best thing he could have gotten.  This is where it got a little disappointing. While my husband is a motorcycle mechanic and rarely needs to read directions, he was able to put this together in about 30 minutes.  If it were the average Joe, expect a little more time.  I found the directions extremely confusing.  While installing parts that were included, we found that the box must have been dropped in shipping along the way.  The forks were bent and actually split in a spot which was repaired by my husband.  The boy was happy with the bike, even though it seemed to be slightly banged up from shipping.  While I had planned on calling customer service about the situation, I completely forgot about it.  The child is happy.  The functionality was not effected, just the beauty and he hardly seems to notice.  I would purchase this again, but I would definately **inspect the contents of the package **first before bringing it home.

Glens Falls, NY


Mongoose 20-inch Boys' "Outer Limit" BMX Racing Bike

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