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Mitsubishi WD-65738 DLP TV

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Mitsubishi WD-65738: Big screen for cheap


The Mitsubishi WD-65738 is a great way to get a massive sized screen on the cheap. It's a DLP TV, so it's not a flat panel. The back stick outs about a foot. Fortunately, the TV is very light. It's a lot lighter than a comparable plasma or LCD TV. When you initially power it on, it takes a while to go fully on. Maybe around 30 seconds. Picture quality is great. The image from DLP technology is pleasant. Colors looks accurate and black levels are decent. Another great benefit of this TV is that it supports 3D. You can buy DLP Link glasses to view content in 3D. The quality is pretty good. I've actually enjoyed it more so on the Mitsubishi than when watching a movie in 3D at the theaters. All the inputs are in the back of the TV and it's all pretty standard. Of note, there's 3 HDMI input, a optical coaxial input, and a USB input. With the USB port, you can upgrade the firmware of the TV. Overall, I'd recommend the WD-65738 from Mitsubishi. It's gigantic, has 3D, and is affordable. Though it's not for everyone, as the size of the TV, may be an issue for people with space constraints.

Downers Grove, IL


The Mitsubishi WD-65738 is HORRIBLE


This TV at first appearances looks great.  The problem is that when you need service - Mits is completely HORRIBLE.  When you call during business hours you get a message saying they are closed.  When you do get through nobody calls you back.  This TV broke down in the first two months and I had to finally send it back. A complete waste of money. I wish their was an option of negative stars - I hate to even give them one star.

Rothschild, WI


The best purchase ive ever made


We purchased this 60 inch television after our 36 inch television went blank. Not only is the size wonderful the color couldnt be any better. It also has 4 different places to hook up games and or dvd/bluray players so your not constantly hooking and unhooking them

Tunnel Hill, GA


Mitsubishi WD-65738 DLP TV

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