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Mitsubishi - WD-65C9 65 in. HDTV DLP TV

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I would suggest this tv to a friend


We got this tv about 4 years ago when we moved here.  When my best friend hooked his xbox to it, I was nervous.  When I was in middle school my Grandparents bought a projection tv and us kids snuck video games on it when they weren't around and broke it.  My best friend told me it's an HDMI tv, and it won't do the same thing.  I looked it up, what Texas Instruments technology has done for big screen tvs, and I told him it was ok.  Now we have a DVR, xbox 360, and Wii connected to it.  I only use the small spare tv we have when I want to be on the computer and listen to the tv at the same time.  One thing that happens, is sometimes when switching between HD and regular tv it creates a bunch of little lines.  I finally realized fixing it meant just switching back by pushing the jump button and then push it again to go back to what you were watching.  This happens if you are channel surfing a lot more often.  It's about once every 15 times.  That is the only thing I can think of that I would complain about.  HD never looked so good!!  My favorite videos to show off HD is music concerts filmed in HD and nature shows.  After this one breaks (they break eventually, sad thing about big screens) I would get another one.

Hermiston, OR




 i bought on sale for cheap since the newer models came in. Great brand and Great picture! very surprisingly convenient with the mitsubushi stand we purchased with it and doesnt seem to take up much space. only downfall is that its not a flatscreen so we cannot hang it on the wall.

Kernersville, NC


Mitsubishi WD-65C9 65 in. HDTV DLP TV


We just love this tv last xmas eve our old tv broke and we always wanted a bigger tv the kids are always gamming it so we went with this tv and all I can say is wow I just love watching tv now it is worth the money for sure

Utica, NY


cool and best tv ever


we have bought a mitsubishi wd-65c9 65 in hdtv dlp tv.  Yes the dlp was expensive but I have a son who is visually impaired and he has some visibility but not a lot and he can accually see the screen.  The hd channel are so cool when watching football it looks like your at the football stadium.  the mitsubishi is a very respected tv by our intire family now after bying this one.  Yes the mitsubishi we-65c9 in HDTV DLP tv was very pricey but sometimes to get what you want you got to pay a good cent to get it just like a car.  The cleanning of the tv is very easy I use a damp cloth and go over the screen and It looks good after words.  There are lots of air vents in the back and It is very important to keep those clean to keep all of the dust and dirt out because it will cause damage to the bulbs for the picture.  And they can be pricey also one runs about 200.00 and there is easy access panels to do this.  I would rank my mitsubishi as a 10 they are nice and well worth the money in my opionon.  If you have the chance to pick one up it would be a very good investment and you will be very pleased with this purchase.  My 10 year old has no troubles working the remote to the mitsubishi to turn on the other things such as dvd player most of the time we have to get him to help so If he can do so can other young children.

Centralia, MO


Very Nice


me and my husband finally made the move to go from a 42 inch to a 65 inch and after searching in stores like walmart and target i went to sears they had a 60 inch but not the 65 inch so we keep looking around finally i just went online and typed it in and for around our location and when be got the tv we knoticed the biggest and best tv we have ever seen picruse is awesome sound could be a lot better for the large size of the screen we use our cheap theater system so that saves the speakers on the tv for a while since we all like loud movies comparing this tv to LG , Sharp , JVC , i do belive i have found a winner 1 other bad thing is you can not use a wall mount with this tv , so good luck finding a cheap tv stand we have one meant for a 52 inch but the tv built-in stand fits it perfect .. i was worried about the projection screen and if it would be as good as an lcd or a plasma but ya it's way better to who ever buys this you will be pleased

Garden City, KS


Mitsubishi - WD-65C9 65 in. HDTV DLP TV

5.0 5