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Mitsubishi - WD-60737 TV

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Looking for an awesome t.v.? Check out the Mitsubishi WD-60737!


My husband and I weren't really looking for a t.v. at the time I first decided to get this t.v. I saw it in our local Aaron's store, and fell in love. The item is not gaudy like some other 60" t.v.'s, so it worked well where we were living at the time. I lost my job, and sent the t.v. back. I literally cried for a couple of months over not having it anymore. So, as good fortune sometimes goes, we moved into our own place a few weeks after sending the t.v. back. We have a bigscreen that is an older model, but I missed the Mitsubishi so much. In October, my husband and I went looking around at Aaron's again, and bought some bunkbeds for our kids, and I saw the t.v. I used to have and wanted it back. The manager made us a better deal, but we didn't know, and the t.v. was delivered with the beds. For a few months now I have had my t.v. back, and it looks great in our living room. I like that it isn't too heavy, therefore I can move it by myself if necessary. The picture quality is astonishing. I've seen plasma t.v.'s and even have a 20" LCD t.v. in our daughters' room, but I have NEVER seen a picture that was more beautiful that what is shown on this t.v. I recommend this particular unit to anyone that wants a large t.v. I don't, however, recommend obtaining it the way I did. If you can find it on sale, by all means, don't hesitate to pay for it. 

Bowdon, GA


Best bang for the buck


Fantastic television for the money.  Mitsubishi really provides bang for the buck with the picture and sound quality.  Would highly recommend this for a family room.  A must have for the big game, movie night or just a rerun from 10 years ago.  I would absolutely sign up for your cable or satellite HD package though as that will bring true quality and enjoyment to the viewing experience.

Jacksonville, FL


Mitsubishi - WD-60737 TV

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