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Samsung 50 in. DLP TV HL-N5065W

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Nice tv for the price.


I bought this tv for my game room..it looks nice..I like the under shelf it sits on it is good for the cable box, and video games. The picture is pretty good no complaints..The sound is great on this tv its like have a stereo system already built it. Nice bright silver color, which I like.. Pefect for me and serves its purpose..

Pittsburgh, PA




We have had a Samsung DLP tv for about 8 years and it was very expensive when it first came out, so expensive they don't make them anymore. The DLP is a projection TV that has built in mirror wheel that turns to give you projection so thereis no projector involved. And wen you look at the TV fom a side view you still see the full screen, like others will look dark or black from a side angle. Well recently our died- but it was used constantly, so e went ut looking for another tv, well, just let me tell you........ It's a huge crock buying a tv today. Onc you decide on LCD, LED, or plasma there are always added components to buy such as: cords (which are not inclded) callibration, you have to adjust them to the lighting in your room, etc. It' a unch of bull if you ask me. The just don't make them like they used to. I hghly recommend a DLP tv.

Mc Kees Rocks, PA


absolutely the consistantly best picture I have ever viewed


Since day one of installation this is without a doubt the best picture I have ever witnessed and it remains constantly so.  I am in awe every time I sit down to watch anything.  The first time I sat to watch it there was a super bowl game on and I thought the players were in the living room with me.  

Calabash, NC


Samsung 50 in. DLP TV HL-N5065W

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