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Mitsubishi - WD-60735 60 in. HDTV DLP TV

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great television


I have had my TV for a couple of years and I really like it, i know there is better TV's out there but for the price it is good. I did have the bulbs go out after only having it for a year and i did not like that.

Redding, CA


Mitsubishi DLP is AWESOME!


This HD tv is amazing! I was hesitant to get such a big TV because I have two small children and was afraid of them throwing something at it and breaking it. The DLP doesn't have a glass screen and can take more impact than an LCD or plasma screen tv. After my brother in law had his LCD tv broken by a sippy cup, I knew there had to be a more kid friendly option. Also, the picture is super clear! I have seen the DLP in stores next to an LCD tv and there is a little difference in the brightness, but nothing that you can notice unless comparing side by side.I have noticed that sometimes looking at an LCD tv for an extended period of time can put some strain on your eyes because it is so bright so this tv doesn't have that problem. This tv does take a little time to warm up (less than a minute). It also cannot be mounted to the wall which is a problem for some people, bu it is light enough to move on your own (I put it up on my tv stand by myself). This TV is excellent overall and we have not had any problems with it since we purchased it a year ago!

Lacey, WA


this tv has the best bang for the buck !


wow,talk about impressive,and here comes this tv ! weve had this model for almost one year and i have to say its been fantastic ! its big,bold and the centerpiece of any family room.the picture is simply breathtaking no matter what your watching.i have a problem with the tvs that have skin color as red,i dont have that problem with this one.the color is always true and sharp sound quality is another plus.its crisp and clear with no noise interference or background problems.this tv packs alot of features in the remote from pip to massive adjustment settings.the cabinet itsself is pretty well made with the screen protector built in.it also has (thank goodness)double audio,video jacks.one set on the side and another set in the back,fantastic!! the speakers are also located on the side so it projects the sound outward better than if they were in the front.once again i cant say enough about the great picture quality,check one out for yourself !

summertown, TN


Mitsubishi - WD-60735 60 in. HDTV DLP TV

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