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Mitsubishi - WD-65638 DLP TV

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This Mitsubishi TV is awesome!


I was surprised at the cost of this excellent quality TV.  I had heard that the picture of DLP TVs are not as good as the quality of the LCD and Plasma TVs.  While I would agree they are not as sharp, I almost prefer the picture because it is a bit more smooth and appears to be more like an actual movie screen.  While it may not perform as well as a computer monitor due to this, for the purpose I purchased it (television and movies), it performs admirably.  I was impressed with how little it weighed considering the size.  I recently replaced my old rear projection screen from 15 years or so, and that took 3 - 4 people to lift, and it was a struggle.  This new one, myself and my wife were able to lift it onto the stand with relative ease.  The picture was huge, and I look forward to trying out some of the new 3D technology when the glasses start coming down in price.  I would definately recommend this TV to others.


Salt Lake City, UT


Great TV, Awesome Value for your money


I bought this TV during an after Thanksgiving sale (black Friday) for so cheap, I have to admit, I questioned its quality.  Now over 1 year later and I love it.  Its so big its even bigger than my kids. I also thought it would be heavier to move but its quite a reasonable weight.  I love that it turns off itself when not in use.  Great energy saving quality.  Like the other guy said, the menu is kind of annoying and took me a while to get used to it.  But after that it was easy.  I would definitely recommend this TV to anyone.


Tracy, CA


The Mitsubishi 65 inch tv is nothing to talk about.


I was extremely excited about the prospect of picking up a large screen television set. On the surface, the size of the screen and the look of the television itself drew me in. I didn't realize that size and good looks on the outside would actually equate to exceptional quality and functionality. I really find it interesting that the television, without being placed on the sleep timer, will actually turn itself off at times. I'm not saying this happens everyday, but I find it odd for it to occur at all. Also, the menu can be quite confusing to follow at times. Attempting to decipher which key to depress while using the menu becomes, shall we say, annoying? The inconsistency of the design of the menu is something I don't believe much thought was placed into, from the end user's standpoint. To spend upwards of fifteen minutes or more messing around in the menu is beyond anything a viewer should have to endure. 


Washington, DC


Mitsubishi - WD-65638 DLP TV

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