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Mannatech Optimal Support Packets

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amazing! I love it!


I have been taking this product for about a month, I felt sick at first and a bit itchy after a few days, then a bit of acne appeared. And a few mild headaches..But after a couple more days the product started to help me feel better, I could sleep and felt like I was a new person. I take one package a day. Definitely greatful for the product. Bottom line, your going to go through some detox symptoms but think of it as the price you pay for healing your body! Definately would recommend



I've been taking this product on and off since 1998


The first time I took this, after just a week I quit smoking! ..from a pack and a half a day. Made a believer out of me. When I take this, I don't ever get sick. At times we will stop taking it cause it's expensive, but get back on it cause it's worth it! You can't make great products cheaply!



Mannatech Optimal Support Packets

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