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Logitech - Stereo USB Headset 250

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Should not have bought


This headset was a horrible purchase on my part and a horrible product on Logitech's part. I thought since it was a Logitech brand, I couldn't go wrong. But I was wrong, very wrong. First of all I would like to talk about how uncomfortable this headset was. After wearing this for about 2 hours, my ears would hurt so much from the pressure of the headset. My head is normal sized and if I pull the headband to the fullest it would slip off. Also in a hot area, this headset is atrocious, I would sweat so much in this headset, which might have led to its demise. Also I would like to state that I rma'd this headset twice. Luckily when it broke I was within warranty. The headphones would just stop working and I would have to send them in and get a new one, until finally I was fed up and decided to give up on this all together. I would like to say that Logitech customer service was pretty good. The primary purpose of this headset for me was gaming and listening to music, it performed these activities decently and the microphone was probably the only silver lining of this product. Although everything else broke, the only thing that stayed strong was the microphone.


Sterling, VA


Logitech headset for gaming


I got this logitech headset for gaming purposes. It was cheap and I wasn't going to use it often so I thought this would be perfect. I got it from target after looking at the selection. Some of the other headsets looked nicer but they were also pricier. At first the headset didn't feel as comfortable for my ears after prolonged use but after a few days of it I felt that I just needed to break into them. I have really sensitive ears so I was kind of worried but they have not bothered me every time I use it. The headset itself is pretty clear and I can hear what other people say clearly. I don't notice any background noise. The microphone is decent too and no one has ever complained that they cannot hear me on it.


Minneapolis, MN


good for basic purposes


This is one of the cheapest and most basic USB headsets that you can purchase. I recommend this to anyone who is in need of a headset with a microphone that does not utilize a headset that often. Because the fact is that this headset is extremely basic and is acceptable if it is used once in a while. I do not recommend this headset for gaming however because over time the headpiece gets very weak and worn out. That is to be expected however since this is a very basic and elementary headset. With extended use my ears hurt a bit then I would not really say that this is the most comfortable headset I've ever owned. For all the reasons that I mentioned above, I recommend this headset for people who only use it occasionally. But if you do extensive gaming or require a headset for any other prolonged use than you may want to choose from somebody better Logitech equipment.


Los Angeles, CA


Work great, but fit a little small


I saw these lying around my girlfriend's desk and she started letting me use them. I use them with the program Dragon Naturally speaking, one of the best voice recognition program ssupposedly. Well, immediately, i had trouble putting them on. They just fit very awkwardly. It could be that i have a big head, but i just think these are designed for smaller people. Luckly, i did not break them trying to put them on. After a while, i got the hang of it. So now how do they function? Pretty well. I do not know if it is because of these headphones and microphone or the expensive program that i have, but voice recognition on my laptop computer works very well with high accuracy. I wish i had another headpiece so i could try it and compare it to this Logitech one, but it is the only i can find. Still, I am very satisfied with how it works. However, again, i find the construction a little difficult to work with and putting it on is a hassle until you get the hang of it.


Davis, CA


Great quality headphone and microphone piece in one


I got one of these for work and it definitely serves its purpose, as I have to not only have good stereo-like sound for audio as well as a microphone to speak into. It is very convenient given that it's a headphone with plug-in USB cable and voila, that's it.  I like how it's so easy to plug in and immediately you have headphones with a microphone that can swivel far the sound has been fairly clear and hasn't caused me any issues. The microphone seems like a great asset too. When I record videos, I don't hear any background noise.  But gotta give you a first one, the piece inside the USB got stuck in my computer. I don't think it was glued to the cable properly. But my second one hasn't caused me any issues yet.  Also, it's convenient because I can adjust volume and mute the microphone quickly which is located on the cable. There are times when I've muted myself so you might want to check...the red light will blink to let you know that you're on mute.  This is what the website says about it (I took out all the marketing lingo) - Used for multiplayer gaming, voice command & chat, online conferencing, or just listening to music. - digital USB streaming audio provides clarity with the simplicity of a USB plug-and-play connection. - 40mm neodymium drivers deliver stereo sound  - Noise-canceling microphone filters out unwanted background noise    


Denver, CO


really nice headphones


something that i need in my house is a bit of peace and quiet. i have 4 kids and i need to have a period everyday that is just for me and that i can use to relax. my kids are always running around, screaming, and making noise. i needed to desperately find something that i could wear to block out the noise and help me to rest and relax. i found these headphones on special at, so i thought it would be a good idea to get them. i have heard that Logitech is a very good brand and i decided that buying the headphones would be worth a try for me. all i can say it that people are right! the headphones from Logitech are very good and they sound great when i am listening to music. i can easily fall asleep on my laz boy with these on and liket them alot. i also like that the head phones are very comfortable on my ears when i wear them. they don t hurt my ears or pull at my hair either. youll love these.


Norwich, CT


Logitech - Stereo USB Headset 250

3.5 6