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Logitech 981-000009 Headset

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Logitech Headset with Mic is perfect for internet calls


This headset plugs into a USB port and has it's controls for volume, etc. right on the ear piece.  That is very convenient when you need to adjust the volume.  In addtion, the contols allow you to change modes from talking on the phone to listening to music to internet gaming - all conveniently located on the same ear piece that the volume control is located.  The unit has noise cancelling as well which really makes for easy listening regardless of how you are using them.  I use them for personal internet calls through Google and for Live Meeting communications for work.....and of course for listening to music. The padding on the ear pieces are extremly soft and comfortable and the headband is padded as well.  The microphone pulls down for use or can be moved up and out of the way when not in use.  This all adds up to true digital audio in stereo and a perfect experience for anyone needing to use headphones with their PC.  I have two sets, one for home and one for the office and will be purchasing a third set to have upstairs with the PC there.

Lone Tree, CO


Great sound and microphone pickup


I really wasn't in the market for a headset for my computer. However, my Master Program required me to have a certain computer and a certain headset. They already order the product and have the product shipped to my address without me having to do shop around for the product. After I got the product, I thought it was a little wired to wear but after a while you kind of get used to the having it on. The headset does have great sound and the microphone really does pick up great sound. Now, if you want a professional quality microphone, then this is not for you. However, if you want something that is inexpensive and just to use to communicate over the Internet or make a powerpoint. Then this headset is right for you. The cost is low and the quality is high. It is differently a bargin deal for the average house members. I would recommend this product to anyone who is just using Skype, AIM, MSN or other social media site to communicate via video or voice chat. This product can offer a great quality to your communication needs. 

Anderson, IN


Logitech headset off to a bumpy start


My daughter needed this headset for her foreign languge class. She had to be able to hear and speak to interact with the software program. Everything was easy to hook up. Just plug and after the software loaded automatically, play the software. Everything was fine at first. The sound was good and the microphone seemed to work great too. About a month after we purchased them, they suddenly were not able to be recognized by the computer. I installed them (plugged them in) to another computer and they were not recognized by that computer either. After contacting customer service about the headset, they suggested I uninstall the software and reinstall. I did that and still, not recognized by computer. The Logitech customer service person promptly offered to replace the headset with a brand new one. I didn't have to send the original back to them either. It was a rather pleasant experience over all. We received the new headset in just a few days. Highly recommend this company and it's products. New headset is perfect.

Liberty, SC


Logitech 981-000009 Headset

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