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Kenda Kross Plus Front/Rear Slick Xc Tire, 26 X 1.95"

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Quiet & Smoooooth


If you have a comfort or hybrid bike with 26" tires...this is your next replacement tire.  Or, if you own a mountain bike with 26" tires and want to turn it into a more "commuter friendly" bike, look at these **Kenda Kross Plus Tires.**  These tires were recommended to me by Karl at [A&M Cyclery][1] . As far as I know, they come only in one specific size; 26 x 1.95.  Make sure they will work on your bike before buying.  This is the size that came on my used [Trek Navigator][2]  I found on [craigslist][3] .  Looking at the tread design, they are smooth down the middle with V-Shaped "sipes" to channel away water - if you get caught in an unexpected shower.  But, the outer edges have an aggressive tread for cornering on grass, packed earth, etc.  These tires will go cross-country to a limited extent.  But, they were **not meant **to replace pure off-road tires.  They were designed to ride mostly on the streets.  If you do own a mountain bike & replace the tires with these **Kenda Kross Plus Tires**, you will immediately notice a lower rolling resistance.  That means increased speeds on paved surfaces by anywhere from one to three mph. These tires are even smoother & more quiet than the original Bontrager Comfort tires that came on my bike.  And less expensive too!  If there is no bike shop in your area that carries these, the best price I've seen is on [Amazon.com][4] .      [1]: http://www.viewpoints.com/A-and-M-Cyclery-Saint-Louis-MO-review-57c66 [2]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Trek-Navigator-review-82266 [3]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Craigslist--24106-review-dde47 [4]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Amazon-com-review-fce33

Saint Louis, MO


Kenda Kross Plus Front/Rear Slick Xc Tire, 26 X 1.95"

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