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Kelty Framed Baby Carrier

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The Kelty Baby Carrier is a must for camping trips


As my daughter got older [9+ months] we purchased this as a way for me to carry her when we were out camping or hiking. I found that it did a great job of allocating her weight to different spots so I did not get a backache from carrying her. It is easily adjustable to fit different individuals which was nice when we would switch out and my husband would carry her and then later when I was pregnant to adjust to fit my expanding stomach. I also like the frame that allows you to put the child in and secure them before putting the pack on. We also used this feature to feed the girls when they were small. By keeping them strapped in one place and unable to run off it made for a good highchair while we were out and about. Finally it cleans easily which is a must when using it out camping. The only downside is if you are by yourself it can be a bit tricky to get on. Having help for this makes a huge difference.


Evansville, WY


Kelty Framed Baby Carrier

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