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Deuter Kid Comfort II Child Carrier

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Could not live without it


The Deuter Kid Comfort was a present from like-minded friends that understood that having an(other) baby wasn't going to keep us from our family hikes. We use it to hike, of course, but it's really an every day tool that keeps us sane and our baby happy. It's the best way to get chores done around the house, or to care for older siblings, or just to get a baby to finally sleep. The seat is very confortable, and comes with a good safe harness. At the moment, our 4-month-old is a bit small to fill up the pack, so we stuff and extra blanket in there in front of his belly, so that when he falls asleep, his head rolls over on the blanket rather then plopping on the frame. Once he gets bigger, it'll be a better fit. I love that I don't need to lean forward for him to be upright, the seating angle seems to be just right. It's got lots of extra pockets for carrying stuff along, and one big pocket under the seat that could easily accomodate all the gear necessary for a day-trip. The shoulder and waist straps are very well padded, and it's super comfortable to carry. It's also very light, so I could keep our 17lb baby in there for a long time if needed. It's more comfortable to carry than any back-pack I've ever owned.

El Cerrito, CA


Alright Carrier Although Pricey


This product is useable but not the best it could be. It is difficult to get my child inside comfortably by myself and often need extra hands for assistance getting this product on. It could just be me and my uncoordinated abilities but it would be handy to have a much simpler system of getting carrier on and off of oneself. My baby thoroughly enjoys this carrier once she is comfortably inside and this carrier is one of the safer models that I have come across, one of the buying features I was focusing on when I was choosing what model to purchase. I would recommend this to families who aren't planning on using this carrier too frequently as it is large, bulky and hard to deal with when you are alone. But definitly worth buying if you plan to use with other people around and have less frequent need for use. So buy it if its not an everyday use item and skip this one and upgrade for a better model if you are looking to have extended use.

Boulevard, CA


Strong and sturdy carrier that exceeds your expectations


Let me cut right to the chase here. The Deuter Kid Comfort II Child Carrier is an expensive product that is worth every single penny. Hubby and I are rather adventurous and decided to go backpacking with our then 11-month old. We did a lot of research for the perfect carrier and after hearing positive feedback about the Deuter Kid Comfort II, we decided to spend the extra money and buy it. Boy oh boy, what a great choice it was! Our daughter was happy and comfortable riding in the carrier and my husband seemed to not mind carrying her around while hiking for rather long stretches on time. I personally found the carrier quite comfortable and suprisingly light. Adjusting the carrier for both my husband and I to use was remarkably easy. I am a foot shorter than my other half, so oftentimes it becomes tricky to adjust baby gear between us. There were absolutely no issues with this carrier. We stopped using the carrier when my daughter was 3 years old and enjoying to walk more. We subsequently passed the carrier on to a friend who continues to use it without any problems. The Deuter Kid Comfort II is worth the money if you are seeking a carrier to use repeadedly.

Brooklyn, NY


very impressed


I love the security and the convience it provides to be able to pick up the baby and go.  Its lightweight and doesn't hurt my back.  That is important to me and my daughter.  Safety is a priority as well and the baby feels secure.  There is no safety hazards that we have determined at this time.  Would recommend product to other moms

Lake Mary, FL


Deuter Kid Comfort II Child Carrier

4.0 4