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Lillebaby EveryWear Carrier

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This is a great carrier, comparable to Ergo!!


Love this! Wore my baby for almost 5 days at Disney World since my older two needed to ride in the stroller the whole time LOL! My back didn't hurt at all and he loved it. He didn't get too hot either, which I was a bit worried about because Orlando gets HOT. My only concern would be that the straps twist up pretty easily. We have the organic version. Design The twisting straps could use some work.



I Carry My Baby Every Where with the Everywear Carrier!


When I was registering my husband felt we didn't need a carrier. That we wouldn't use a carrier. So we didn't register for one. BIG MISTAKE. Within the first month or so we had decided a carrier was a must. But lets be honest.... they are expensive. So my mom passed along hers.... from when I was a baby. SAFETY ALERT! I didn't know how I felt about putting my teeny tiny baby in something that was as old as I was... literally. But I had quit my job to be a stay at home mom... and the option seemed better than nothing. So we hesitantly and carefully tried out her carrier. I don't think I took my arms off of the baby the first few times I wore it. But... it worked. It did the job. So we were able to go out and about with our little bundle. Ok, fast forward through the dreads of winter where I didn't leave the house, thus did not use or need my carrier. Welcome Spring! I am not putting my 20 pound baby in this carrier. I have no instructions, so I don't know what the weight limit is. I asked my mom how long she carried us in it, "Oh... I don't know. Maybe a year or less. Maybe a little more." Ok, not good enough. Out with the old and in with the new!My hunt for a carrier that would last for a while was on. Sadly, I wasn't having much luck. Most of the carriers people were recommending were for up to about 24 pounds. 24 pounds was right around the corner! I came across a couple that sounded like they might work, but the budget still wasn't there. And then.... Scandinavian Child came to the rescue!The nervous mom in me immediately went to look at the facts about this product. How much could it carry (answer - up to 43 pounds!)? What position could it be worn in (answer - like every position! front, back, hip, sling)? Everything I read about the EveryWear carrier seemed to fit into what I was looking for. So I gave it a try and am so glad I did! We have used this carrier every where. It's perfect for vacations, walks, shopping and more. It's very comfortable and I have worn it for extended periods of time. And I just love having my daughter that close to me!

Cedar Knolls, NJ


More comfortable than carrying child free handed....


I purchased the Liliebaby Everywhere after months of using a woven wrap with my daughter who is now 9 months.  I thought that the soft structured carrier is what I was looking for since the wrap is a little cumbersome when out running errands with a baby.  Maybe I am just used to the comfort and closeness that the wrap gives me because I was disappointed when I tried the Liliebaby.  It was easy to put on get baby in for the front facing-in carry and the padded straps seemed promising.  However, I went for a walk and by the time I got down my driveway I was uncomfortable because the buckles were digging into me under my arms and they would chaff when swinging my arms in a normal walking motion.  I didn't feel that most of my daughter's weight was actually sitting on my hips like the carrier promises, I felt it in my upper back.  Since the wrap crosses in the mid back it actually provides more support for me.  My daughter is not quite 20 pounds yet so I am still shopping for another option.  I think I'll try the Ergo or Boba next and let you know what I think.

Arlington, TN


Lillebaby EveryWear Carrier is a great Carrier!


I won this lillebaby EveryWear Carrier from a blog that was reviewing it, and I love it! It is very versatile and easy to use. The carrier has five different positions to carry your baby from birth to 42 pounds. I did not receive the infant sling that comes separate, and my baby was too big anyways. You can carry you baby facing you, or forward facing, on your front. My baby was actually a bit big for this, too, so I haven't tried it, but the carrier is very comfortable, with a lot of support, so I'm sure it would work really well. The carrier can be converted to a side, hip carrier. I tried this way once, and it worked great, although the side position can be a bit awkward. The best part about this carrier is the back carrying option. I also have a frame backpack style carrier, but the Lillebaby is a lot more comfortable. It comes with good instructions on how to get your baby in the carrier, and it is pretty easy. I was worried about getting my 18 month old on my back by myself, but it is not too hard. He loves riding in it, and I love that I can put him on my back and have my hands free to help my 4 year old with his bike, or for hikes/walks that can't accommodate a stroller.

Richmond, VA


Lillebaby EveryWear Carrier

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