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Kelty TC 2.0 Child Carrier

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We love it, baby loves it!


We got this carrier while living in Europe so that we could travel with our baby.  We started using it when she was 6 months old and went on a week long cruise and then spent a week in the Swiss alps.  We used it on the cruise ship, on shore, on snowy hikes, and all the way up the Acropolis.  My husband did most of the carrying and it did get a little tiring toward the end of the second week, but I was also able to carry it a fair amount.  It's on the bulky side, but we managed to take it pretty much everywhere, even on the train.   It has a ton of storage and really useful loops to hook toys (or pacifiers, snack cups, drink cups, etc) to.  Our daughter seemed really comfortable most of the time.  She did get a bit antsy when she was in it for hours, but she rarely objected to getting into it.  It has a nice canopy that keeps the sun off of her head, as long as the sun is right above, in front, or behind her.  For really sunny places we had to drape a blanket over the sides so that she wasn't blinded from the side. We continued to use this until we moved and don't do as much outdoor exploring, but we know we'll use it again once summer comes.  I would absolutely buy this again.  Oh, and with a little practice, my husband and I were able to get it onto our backs by ourselves.

North Pole, AK


Kelty TC 2.0 Child Carrier is Super Comfortable


As a SAHM, with a 4 kids, the Kelty TC 2.0 Child Carrier has really come in handy. It is so easy to use and very comfortable. I can even carry my 2 year old easily without back pain. I also like all of the handy storage pockets that the carrier contains. It makes is easy to carry all of your extra stuff: keys, wallet, water bottle, baby bottle, sunscreen, etc. without having to worry about additional bags. This is a great item to have if you do a lot of outdor activities or if you will be going somewhere where it will be hard to maneuver a stroller. It is definitely worth the money! Only con, is that it is a little tricky to learn how to get the carrier on your back at first. But once you get the hang of it, it's not bad.

Wichita, KS


A must have for an active family!


This is product is actually on loan to me from a friend, but I am so thankful to have it!  I am a home-school mommy of four girls, so this baby is always on the go with us! We were planning a  home-school trip to the Forest Ecology Preserve a night to listen to the frogs. Can you imagine trying to push a stroller through the woods!  The Kelty Frame Carrier to the rescue! My friend brought it, showed us how to buckle in and away we went! And thankfully told me I could hang on to it for as long as I needed;) I was worried this carrier wold hurt my back like some of the other carriers I have tried....nope!  The Kelty is unbelievably comfortable and you don't come away with an aching back! My baby is now 15 months and she loves riding on my back in the Kelty.  We have walked to the park in it.  I have even walked laps at our local track in it!  You do need a few extra hands to get the Kelty on your back after you have strapped the baby in.  This carrier is worth investing in!

Opelika, AL


Kelty TC 2.0 Child Carrier

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