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Just Kidz
Just Kidz Just Dreamz Traditional Wooden Dollhouse


Fabulous Traditional Wooden Dollhouse!

With 25 pieces of furniture and accessories, this beautifully designed and elegantly detailed wooden dollhouse comes ready to play and bursting with value.  Wonderful 4 color printed graphics decorate every part of this house. The ground floor features a flower shop and fashion store for additional play, with a set of stairs leading to a kitchen and living room area. Another set of stairs takes you up to the bedroom and dressing area and your very own roof top terrace! With windows and walk-throughs, this colorful dollhouse really is the perfect place to call home.

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Daughter loves the doll house


This dollhouse was purchased by my mother for my little daughter last month and she was over joyed by owning this doll house. When she opened the gift, she was astonished to see a such a big doll house with so many accessories and pieces of furniture. She immediately took it to her room and started assembling all the pieces but was finding it tough to manage on her own and hence I helped her in assembling it. It took me almost 3 hours to set the doll house and then she started playing with it and checking each and every floor minutely to see what her barbie doll would do in the house and where she could make her sit and rest. The doll house was my daughter's dream home and she insisted us to buy her a real home similar to this house which made us all surprised to see her enthusiasm. She loves the bedroom area of the doll house as it has an attached terrace as well. I did not like the fact that the kitchen has a living room area near it and would prefer it to be a separate floor as we paid a high price for the product but since my daughter loved the product, it was not so important to me.


Great sub $100 dollhouse


I purchased the Just Kidz Just Dreamz Traditional Wooden Dollhouse for my niece and I'm very pleased with the durability of this house. The walls, floors, and stairs are comprised of thin, but solid pieces of wood. There is also a large assortment of wooden furniture that has held up to rough play. I'm also impressed that the paint on this wood takes a concerted effort to scratch away. My only issue with this dollhouse is that some of the pieces don't fit all the way into the holes or there's too much room in the holes, which cause a slight wiggle. Both of the stair cases don't rest flush against the side walls, which leaves the wooden prongs exposed. It doesn't affect the dollhouse's stability, but It makes for a less clean look. Besides that minor issue this dollhouse has been perfect. I would definitely recommend the Just Kidz Just Dreamz Traditional Wooden Dollhouse because it can withstand a decent amount impact without breaking and that's hard to find in a sub $100 dollhouse.

Westchester, IL


Just Kidz Just Dreamz Traditional Wooden Dollhouse

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