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FurReal Friends
FurReal Friends Cuddles My Giggly Monkey Pet


• Cuddles My Giggly Monkey pet responds when you play with her
• Monkey pet giggles and makes monkey sounds when you cuddle or tickle her
• Rock her
• Swing her in the air and she knows when she's upside down
• More than 100 responses
• Monkey pet closes her eyes when you put her to bed

Pet comes with bottle, diaper, and pet care guide

• Ages 4 and up.
• Requires 4 C batteries (not included).

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FurReal Friends are FUN!


I bought Cuddles the FurReal friends giggling monkey pet after we owned several other FurReal friends. We also have the horse, dragon, mouse, dog and guinea pig. Both of my daughters, ages two and six years old, enjoy playing with this toy. Cuddles has fur that is soft like a normal stuffed animal. When you press a certain spot on this toy it makes noise, giggles and moves around some. My oldest daughter acts like its her 'baby' and my younger daughter laughs at the toy. Since my girls enjoyed this toy so much we bought two others as presents. The recipients really enjoyed them as well. I would recommend Cuddles the Giggling FurReal Friends Monkey pet to anyone. Cuddles is a cute and fun toy.

Austin, TX


very cool toy!


My kids love the FurReal line of toys! We had bought a lot of the smaller toys they offer and my kids loved that they could pretend to have a pet and take care of it! My daughter saw this monkey in the store and absolutely freaked out and wanted it so we got it for her birthday two years ago and she still plays with it now. It really does look and behave like a monkey! It comes with a banana shaped bottle and they can feed it with that. It actually moves it's mouth and looks and sounds like it is drinking the bottle. It is a very interactive toy and the kids can do a lot with it. Its not like a stuffed animal that just sits there and the kids enjoy being able to play with this money and actually get a response. It comes with a booklet that explains all the ways you can get it to respond to you. My daughter loves swinging it by its arm because it sounds delighted when she does that. My daughter is an animal lover and is also a kid who likes to take care of things so she really does love this toy. The more they play with it the more it does so it's not a toy that can be played with for a few minutes and be completely figured out. They definitely made a very interactive toy that kids love. We have had kids over to our house that have never seen one of these monkeys before and they were amazed by it. It hasn't lost its appeal to my kids yet and after having it for two years that's saying a lot because my kids retire toys very fast in my house because they get bored of them. Its also a tough toy that has held up to numerous drops and it still works like it did out of the box. It doesn't burn through batteries and I've only had to replace them once in two years! I recommend this toy highly to girls or boys because my son also enjoys playing with it. It is a little on the expensive side but it's worth it. It would make a great birthday or christmas present for a wide range of ages. I'm sure when my kids outgrow the monkey it will still work great



So cute


I gornthis fir my daughter 2 yrs ago for christmas. She loves Cuddles, she is very cute and just adorable. It makes monkey noises, kisses, and pretends eating her banana. She recognizes my daughters voice when she calls her. My daughter plays with her quite often and has withstand all the use. I just now noticed on the crease of one arm she has started to show some wear. But it is still one of my daughters favorite. At first I thougjt the price was a little high but after seeing what all cuddles does it is so worth it. She has becomed my daugthers take on a trip toy.



So cute!


These are the most adorable little toys ever. I have a young son who absolutely loves animals and this is the equivalent to a little girl having a realistic interactive baby doll! He can't get enough of it. They have very realistic features and movements. I love that they interact in different ways and you can play with them by feeding them and cuddling them or petting them. FurReal Friends makes more than just puppies and kittens, too! My son has the monkey right now, but we have also had the bear cub and the kitten and they are equally adorable. I love that they have a variety of animals in a variety of colors so that he can collect several of them. They also come with accessories such as a little bottle or treat and a brush or comb. Perfect for any little animal lover. I would recommend this toy for boys and girls.

Hendersonville, NC


So life like and cute! Money Well Spent.


I bought this as a gift for my 5 yr old niece's birthday and my 3 year old son was so jealous that I ended up getting him one a week later. Ha-ha! I was really impressed with how lifelike this specific FurReal Friend product was. I have bought quite a few of these type of dolls and pets; whether it be the FurReal brand or other and none of them have been able to compete or compare with the technology aspect and life like appearance of the Giggly Monkey. The Monkey does so many things, makes so many sounds and is so interactive that it almost seems like the Monkey is learning new things which is a little creepy. Ha! In all seriousness though, this was money well spent both times. The only suggestion I have for the makers of Giggly Monkey is to make the skin of the monkey a little bit better in quality as it has started to rip away from it's face and lips a little on my sons doll. My main suggestion and con is that the on/off switch and battery back is in the wrong place in my opinion. Because it's located under the monkey's diaper the diaper has become useless and quick, due to the multiple amounts of times we have to take it off and try and tape it back on. It no longer sticks so Giggle Monkey now gets played with and carried around "bare bottomed." Ha-ha! Otherwise, fantastic product and super innovative. I have recommended this toy to many of my fellow parents and family members.

Dallastown, PA


FurReal Friends Cuddles My Giggly Monkey Pet

4.4 5