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Monster High
Monster High Creepateria™ Howleen Wolf® Doll


A ghoul's got to eat! When dining in the Creepateria™, the un-natural place to feed a monster appetite, Howleen Wolf® doll also dresses to see and be seen in fangtastic fashions. Her clawesome new outfit and monsterrific accessories show this ghoul knows how to do lunch. Plus, her haunt dog and drink - that fit on her coffin-shaped blue lunch tray - make any Daughter of the Werewolf drool.

Her to-die-for look pairs a red tee decorated in a yellow and black paw print with a black skirt with creepy cool print in blue. Killer accessories include a pink, spiked bangle and matching heeled kicks.

The next looming question: where to sit… Collect her GFFs (each sold separately) for lunch company!

Includes Howleen Wolf® doll wearing fashion and accessories, lunch tray, food, drink, doll stand and hairbrush. Doll cannot stand alone.

Ages 6 and older. 

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Monster High is a hit with young girls!


The line of "Monster High" dolls are a very cool line of Barbie type dolls but are so unlike other dolls. They are all different types of girls and they even make some boys as well. This particular one is a werewolf, but there are so many to pick from and collect. They are always coming out with new characters and they also release new styles of the ones they already have out to go along with new Monster High movies. So even when a child already has a certain doll, they can buy the same character later on and get a different style. My girls have a few dolls that they have gotten multiples of and they are very different with completely different clothes and hair styles. They absolutely love them and so do the other younger girls in our family as well as my children's friends. I like that they have so many with all different clothes styles and digfrent types of "Monsters". They have vampires, gargolyles, Gorgons, skeletons, and even Frankie- the daughter of frankenstein's monster. They are designed so awesome with a lot of attention to detail and really cool clothes and shoes. They have just single dolls you can buy for the lowest price and then they have packs that are a little more fancy and for a bit more money. They range from around 12$ and up. They each come with a stand for displaying the dolls and they keep them in nice condition in between uses. I like how they are so much more fancy looking than Barbie dolls and that they are so unique and so unlike the other dolls on the market. My kids have played with their Monster High dolls more then the other toys that they have had over the years and they have held up for the most part. One issue I have had is that their arms are very slender and have been known to break off a little more then I'd expect. I have been able to repair some but a couple of times the arm joint actually snapped and was not able to be fixed. I wish they would fix this because they are great dolls otherwise. I do recommend these though!



Howleen is absolutely CUTE!


Howleen is absolutely gorgeous with long pink hair! I'm NOT usually a fan of her (mainly because of her short Orange perm) but,I love this doll! She's as pretty as the other girls. This doll can pose in many different ways, which makes her a great doll. She also comes with awesome accessories that you can use with any dolls. Her clothes can be exchanged with the other mh dolls. She's just fun,fun,FUN!

bucoda, Washington


Love Howleen!


Howleen Wolf is the younger sister of Clawdeen, Claudia, and Claude Wolf. I absolutely love this doll. I got started collecting these dolls when one of my children told me about them and have fallen in love with them. Howleen has beautiful color and she is smaller than some of the other dolls just by a tiny bit. I think she is a bit shorter to make people aware that she is younger than many of them. In the Creepateria edition of her, she comes with a cafeteria tray with little bits of food on it. She is stylish in her clothing and looks very cute. The only downside about monster high dolls is that the legs can break very easily and you can not put them back in, they snap off. The good thing is that most of the clothes and shoes are interchangeable between dolls so you have many hours of playing with them. The doll also comes with a book that tells a little story and a stand so that if you do not want to play with her you can stand her up and display her for everyone to see. If you are a real collector, leaving them in their boxes is also great, the box has a beautiful color and design on them and they are sure to stand out from other things you are displaying. These dolls are great for children to play, but also make a great collectible and have such unique features.

Elko, Nevada


funky and cute


This doll is adorable and colorful. My daughter loves the clothes and hair. The only setbacks are that the hands come off easily and clothes are very hard to change out.

Waddell, AZ


Child loves it!!


Perfect for my little monster high fanatic!

Sumter, sc


Monster High Creepateria™ Howleen Wolf® Doll

5.0 5