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Disney Frozen
Disney Frozen Anna Toddler Doll with Olaf


Elegant Anna is dressed in her iconic outfit from the film and has beautiful braided hair, hairbrush and royal tiara. For even more fun, Anna comes with her adorable and silly friend Olaf. Her Royal Reflection ™ eyes shine and shimmer with dreams of adventure and fun to share!

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My daughter is in LOVE with this doll


My daughter is in love with this particular anna doll. Like many other 3 year olds she is obsessed with Disney's amazing movie frozen. She received it as a Christmas gift 3 months ago and is still in love with it. This doll may be on the pricier side for a baby-doll, but i would recommend it to other parent of children in love with frozen and it's cute characters. It is very easy to clean and i should know seeing as how my daughter has not stopped playing with it for 3 months straight. This poor doll has been covered in everything from chocolate pudding to dirt, and my daughter still enjoys playing with it. It is made by Disney so I know that it will last for years to come and she will thoroughly enjoy it for those years.




cute doll


So at this time frozen came out a while ago and isn't a new thing anymore and lots of new movies have come out since. The thing is that frozen is still the greatest to kids. They still are as in love with the characters as they were when the movie first came out. They did. A great job with the movie and the kids adore it and anything to do with frozen. You pretty much can't go wrong buying anyting Anna, Elsa, Olaf, or Sven related. Every time I go to the store the frozen merchandise seems to spread to more isles. My daughter being the huge frozen fan that she is, saw this toddler style Anna and wanted to have it so bad. We got it for her a while ago and she still plays with it quite a lot. She loves to style the dolls hair and she brushes it quite a lot. She carts it around with her in the car and outside too. It has held up quite well. It doesn't seem to be suffering any hair loss due to her incessant brushing. If there is any girls who love the frozen movie and don't already have this Anna doll, this would be a great gift for them. My daughter has had her for quite a while and she still plays with it a lot. It hasn't lost the appeal for her yet. She actually ditched her American girls doll which was over a hundred dollars for this Anna doll. Since we got it she hasn't played with her American girl doll at all. All of the frozen merchandise is much more expensive then the other toys but I think its worth it to see the smiles on the kids face when they get something frozen related. Overall this Anna doll is super durable and very fun for my daughter. I will be buying another one for my friends little girl for her birthday because I'm sure she will love it as much as my daughter did! Even though there are much cheaper dolls like this one out there I guarantee most girls will play with this one much more because of it being Anna. It will last a long time even with girls that are on the rough side with their toys because it is not cheaply made. It's worth the money!




My Daughter Loves Her!


My daughter absolute adores the Disney Frozen Anna Toddler Doll with Olaf. I can easily say it's her favorite doll. Aside from the obvious draw of this "baby" being an actual character from the Disney movie Frozen, it also has fun accessories and thick hair that she loves to brush and style. The included dress is very pretty and made with surprisingly excellent quality. The fabric is pretty descent and has already withstood significant abuse from my daughter without any fraying or staining. This doll has incredibly durable hair too. As mentioned previously, my daughter adores brushing the hair. She can easily spend 45 minutes brushing and styling it. Still, I have yet to see any hair shedding anywhere. That speaks volumes for the quality. I do have to warn that all the little accessories are very easily lost though. The doll's crown, mirror a yes, even Olaf, almost immediately disappeared into the magical void of missing toy parts. So don't anticipate Anna to look like her brand new accessorized self after some regular play use, but at least she'll still have hair and a nice looking dress.


Sonora, CA


Anna and Olaf exceed expectations.


I have a daughter who we call Anna for short, and when I saw this I knew that she had to have it. Ever since Frozen came out, she has had a love for all things Anna and this was needed to help with her collection. I love that this also comes with Olaf, he is a huge part of the movie and everyone seems to love him. This doll is nice and big, a lot bigger than I expected when I ordered it. The hair is a little bit wild, but the brush that comes with it helps to calm it down and make it more manageable (my daughter took her braids out). I like how easy she is to clean, she is made of a nice plastic that wipes down really easily. I have also had to wash her clothes, and hand washing it makes it easy. The only thing about this doll I wish could be different is that I wish she could sing or talk. My daughter makes up for it though and sings "Let it Go" with this doll and Olaf all around the house. We also ordered Anna's sister Elsa with this doll. It is nice that they have both of them and they are made so well and really do last through a lot. This product is very well constructed and I couldn't be more pleased with the purchase.


Elko, Nevada


Great Quality


I like this doll it was put together really nice. The quality was good. The dress was hard to take off and put back on. Loved the features of the face but, to me it didn't resemble Anna as much as the character in the movie itself. My grand daughter loves it though and plays with it a lot.


Midlothian, VA


Awesome doll


I bought it for my grandaughter, she is 3 years old, we had to take the small parts and hide them, but other than that an excellent gift.


Long Branch, NJ


Everyone Loves Frozen!


I bought this Disney Frozen Anna doll with Olaf for my daughter last year for her birthday. It was only a few months after Frozen came out and any Frozen gift was a hot ticket! I was lucky to snag it! She is the perfect size for a small child, not too small and dinky, but not as large as a bulky American Girl doll. Perfect for age 1 and up! She is made of a god quality plastic and her dress is beautiful! It was also a plus that she came with Olaf! Everyone loves Olaf!! I believe I purchased this item from Target and it was at just the right price point. Disney's Frozen Anna and Olaf have provided tons of hours of fun and companinionship for my 5 year old. Little Baby Brother also loves to play with Olaf. Perfect gift for any Frozen liver in your list!


Chesterfield, NJ


Perfect gift for a tiny Frozen fan


I got this doll as a birthday gift for my three-year-old daughter. She's really into Frozen right now, as many other girls are, and it's great I was able to find this item! The doll is really cute in person with a very adorable 'toddler' face. It captures the sweetness of the toddler Anna in the movie. It is the perfect size for a toddler and well made - good construction. The detail on the dress and shoes is beautiful. She even stands on her own. This Anna doll comes with a tiara, hairbrush and of course, her friend, Olaf. She does not have any singing features, which other dolls have, but I don't think she needs it. Her dress is pretty. She is wearing the same outfit as what she wears in the movie so my daughter loves to recreate scenes from the movie and groom Anna's hair. Our only wish is that her makeup was a little lighter (her lips are a bit dark).


Irvine, CA


great gift for a little princess


I bought this doll for my 4 year old granddaughter who is in love with all things "Frozen" and with the Elsa character in particular . This doll is very pretty with big blue eyes ( that do not open and close - just painted on) and long hair to brush and style . The outfit is a pretty princess type dress and she is wearing a little tiara .There is a mirror included and a small stuffed Olaf the snowman for her to play with . My granddaughter carries this baby doll around constantly and sleeps with her at night - she just loves Elsa the princess ! She has other doll clothes that fit so she loves to play dress up with her and also have tea parties . The "Frozen" line of toys is SO popular with little girls and any child who is ages 3-6 will most definitely be thrilled to receive this doll as a gift . It is very durable , well constructed and the outfit is stylish and not cheaply made . This is a toy that will be played with a LOT for years to come and will be a nice addition to any child's "Frozen" collection of toys and games . These are hard to find at Christmas time but should be easy to get at stores now . You will love playing with it with your little princess too .


Springfield, MA


Disney Frozen Anna Toddler Doll with Olaf

4.8 9