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Loving Family
Loving Family Dad By Fisher-Price


Every family member has something special to share in the Fisher-Price® Loving Family™ Collection. 

Dad's brought home his briefcase and laptop from work. When his work is done, maybe he'll be ready to play a computer game!

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Durable and Relatable.


My 2-year-old daughter recently received a first-edition Loving Family dollhouse in all of its early 90's pastel gloriousness. She absolutely loves it so we embarked on a journey to replenish the rooms with furniture and dolls and were incredibly relieved to discover that modern Loving Family products are readily available. This includes the Loving Family Dad By Fisher-Price. He is a simple (but effective) toy. My daughter immediately recognized him as "the daddy" and loves to bend his legs and arms so he can sit on the couch, eat dinner at the dining room table and drive his little car. So yes, it is apparently the same size as the original Loving Family Dad, or at least close enough in size to still utilize the original line furniture and accessories. It is a very durable toy too, because when my boys get ahold of their sister's dollhouse they generally abuse the figurines with various toy tools and dinosaurs but Dad doesn't even show a scratch on him. A good investment for a long lasting dollhouse.

Sonora, CA


My neice loves this, would get all the dolls from this set


I bought this toy for my niece, and she love it! She has several dolls from this set/line, and they seem to be her favorite. They stand on their own well, though small children do seem to have a hard time keeping them balanced enough to stand. They have movable arms and legs, so they can easily sit or be posed.

Aurora, Co


A great figure for a dollhouse


I have been a fan of Fisher-Price toys for a very long time - my sister recommended several of their baby toys when my son was an infant and they turned out to be perennial favorites that were used constantly in our house. As a result, I have looked for their toys for my own son and as gifts for my nieces and nephews for birthdays and Christmas for several years now. My five year old niece got the Fisher Price Loving Family dollhouse for Christmas last year. Unfortunately, she lost the dad figure after about two months of play so for her birthday, I bought her a replacement dad. This toy was very well received and I like it for several reasons. First, they look like average, normal people with average proportions and looks. The clothing is appropriate and timeless. The figures articulate very well and move easily for lots of play without frustrating younger users (my five year old and almost two year old nieces both use these all of the time without getting frustrated). Overall, this is one of the best dollhouse figurines I have ever seen for younger children (if not the best) and has gotten countless hours of use.

Greensburg, PA


Boy Toy


My 4 year old son has an older sister so he wants to play with dolls with her and this is a perfect doll for a boy. It is "manly" and boyish and it holds up to my sons rough play.

Valparaiso, In


Love him


This doll is a welcome addition to your childs role playing doll fun. he is a wholesome looking, successful doll. I am proud to know I purchased this for the child in my life.

Enterprise, WV


Loving Family Dad By Fisher-Price

4.8 5